Tuesday, April 6th 2021

Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Launch Event Liveblog

Intel today is launching its 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processor bringing its first major IPC uplift to the enterprise space in five years. The Xeon Scalable processors are built on the 10 nm SuperFin process, and the "Ice Lake-SP" microarchitecture that bring new "Sunny Cove" CPU cores to the server space, including support for PCI-Express 4.0 I/O capabilities, a wider memory interface, and a more feature-rich AVX-512 instruction-set, along with DLBoost for HPC. join us for its launch live-blog.

14:59 UTC: CEO Pat Gelsinger and Data Platforms group head Navin Shenoy are expected to take centerstage. Xeon and memory group head Lisa Spelman could announce relevant platform products. This is Gelsinger's first major launch since taking office.

15:01 UTC: What will you solve for?
15:02 UTC: "Find x": Navin Sheony.
15:03 UTC: Shenoy details the role of Intel in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. $20 million in additional funding committed.
15:04 UTC: Democratizing HPC a goal: Shenoy

15:05 UTC: Rapid adoption of 5G and AI/Edge the biggest inflection point for computing.

15:06 UTC: The future data-center will look more disaggregated than today.
15:07 UTC: Intel's diverse portfolio:
15:07 UTC: Xeon gets Intel's latest corporate identity:
15:07 UTC: 3rd Gen Xeon
15:09 UTC: Scales from 1 to 8 sockets

15:09 UTC: Intel SGX now available on Xeon Scalable, bringing it to Azure Confidential Computing
15:12 UTC: Confidential computation advancements:
15:14 UTC: Top cloud providers will serve 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable, including SGX:
15:14 UTC: Flexible VM products available through Oracle Cloud.

15:15 UTC: 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable will accelerate Verizon's 5G strategy, and shift to vRAN.
15:17 UTC: New solutions.
15:21 UTC: "Not just fast, it's flexible": Intel marketing

15:21 UTC: Spelman details the 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable platform
15:24 UTC: Processor specs. Intel is catching up to AMD on core-counts.
15:24 UTC: Xeon N series for networking infrastructure servers.

15:28 UTC: Xeon D for high-density server form-factors:
15:29 UTC: Xeon + Optane PM a potent online transactions solution:
15:33 UTC: Intel Crypto Acceleration: hardware acceleration for many new forms of encryption
15:34 UTC: 74% AI inference performance gain over Cascade Lake.1.5x gain over AMD EPYC, and 30% faster than NVIDIA A100
15:36 UTC: SGX the tip of the cybersecurity spear for transaction data.
15:42 UTC: AVX-512 gives Intel a sharp edge over AMD. NASDAQ's homomorphic encryption leverages AVX-512.
15:45 UTC: NAMD molecular dynamics works better with Intel processors despite fewer cores.

15:47 UTC: Top hardware execs welcome Pat Gelsinger to Intel
15:48 UTC: Gelsinger announces the Intel On innovation event this Fall.
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What will you solve for?
Intel's process node issues
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Same BS IPC claim as their new desktop CPU architecture, just some new HW acceleration that will have limited implementation until these are EOL.
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I really dislike the use of the word "democratize" when it comes to computer chips

Pretty sure this came from AMD (thanks Raja, king of lameness) and now has infected Intel.
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