Thursday, January 13th 2022

Infotrend Announces EonStor CS NVMe SSD-based NAS

Infortrend Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, satisfies requirements of high throughput and fast response time for high-performance computing (HPC), media post-production, and medical PACS applications ­— with EonStor CS NVMe SSD storage delivering 13 GB/s throughput in a 3-node cluster, and performance linearly increases in a scale-out mode.

Today's HPC applications perform computationally intensive operations with billions of files across multiple resources of different nature at PB scale. Storage for HPC, therefore, must be able to simultaneously support multiple random and sequential IO workloads of different sizes. Otherwise, it can extensively delay the HPC application output and the company's success. EonStor CS NVMe SSD storage, CS 4014U, effectively eliminates these concerns and guarantees fast response time, satisfying various types of IO profiles.\
For media editing, storage requirements are high as well. As M&E studios implement a workflow involving several editors collaborating on 4K/8K videos, storage should feature high throughput and fast response time to support multiple video playback streams. CS 4014U delivers excellent performance: A 3-node cluster easily supports 4K DPX 60 FPS 16-bit playback video streams.

Furthermore, EonStor CS NVMe SSD storage is a great solution for medical PACS. Leveraging low latency and high throughput of U.2 NVMe SSD, it speeds up access to clinical data and improves PACS operational efficiency. In addition, CS 4014U supports a hybrid configuration with HDD JBOD: 'hot' data of current patients is stored in the SSDs for quick access, while old data is migrated to the HDD tier for file archive.

"EonStor CS NVMe SSD solution delivers truly impressive performance and low latency for increased storage responsiveness in applications with multiple random IO-intensive workloads, such as HPC, M&E, and medical PACS," said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.
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