Sunday, July 29th 2007

Steve Balmer Asks Investors For Patience

It's no secret that as of late, Microsoft's Windows Vista isn't doing very well. Despite Microsoft claiming record sales figures, buyers have all too much negative feedback, which is severely affecting investors confidence in Microsoft. Steve Balmer, the CEO of Microsoft, recently had a figurative pep rally (Microsoft's annual financial analyst meeting)to regain investor confidence. Balmer first addressed investor confidence in Vista. "Vista doesn't get done by three people in a garage in three days," said Steve Ballmer. The company is making big bets, and some of them will take time to develop. "A great misconception in the tech industry is that most successes happen overnight," he said.

Steve Balmer then reminded investors of recent company successes that Microsoft intends to build on, which includes advertising and devices. "We are hell bent and determined to allocate the talent, resources, money, and innovation to become a powerhouse in the advertising business."Source: Infoworld
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13 Comments on Steve Balmer Asks Investors For Patience

Vista was successful, In making me switch to Linux:rolleyes:
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well reading up on gamespot dx10 is slowly being cracked and some elite team "who could not be named" could supposedly have something working by the beginning of next month :rolleyes:
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V lyx
So basically they are spending more money on ads?

Wouldn't it just be better to spend that money on fixing any problems with the o/s and bribing software companys to fix their product?

The first question is real btw.

anyways I think a Sp1 & 2 will boost vista sales more than anything.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
advertising is where the money is these days. everyone wants a chunk. god i hate society.
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I wouldn't say vista is bad, I like to use vista to play games. Other than that, I use mac.
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I'm the only one
i have no problems with vista,and no complaints.all the progs i use work fine,and all my games run fine.

it will all work out in the end.
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Glump Bliermp
This happens with every new windows release. Old programs don't work so well because things are a bit different. In 2-3 years, once everyone is using programs written for vista, people will love it just as they love XP now. I love using vista now. There are a few problems with older software here and there, but other than that, it's awesome. I love the new layout of windows too.
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XP to Vista was a lot smoother for me than 98 to XP.
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Wile E
Power User
@waz and Zek - That's exactly what I keep trying to tell everyone. It was no different for any of the Windows transitions.

Everybody thinks this is bad? They should've been around for the 3.1 to 95 transition. :roll:

The only reason I don't run Vista, is because I haven't bought it, and the 30day trial reset annoys me, and I don't want to bother cracking it. I'll be buying Home Premium x64 sometime in the near future.
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Bird of Prey
Oh, no doubt its no different, but Im thinking, as I dont know...YET, that this is more buggier than previous versions.

I think the big deal is, you tell or imply you NEED this OS and say most if not all of your software should support it (hardware too). Companies believe you, then come to find out its not true. The above was just a hypothetical btw.
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I've no patience to give Balmer. Only solitaire :roll:
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