Saturday, February 2nd 2008

Memory Giant Hynix Reports Huge Losses Due to Falling DRAM Prices

While memory prices continue to fall, allowing gamers and hardware enthusiasts everywhere to splurge on memory, it would seem as though this "golden age" of cheap memory is coming to an end. Hynix, mainly thanks to ridiculously low DRAM prices, reported a net loss of a half billion dollars last year. Hynix is also none too happy to announce that they do not expect things to get much better. DRAM prices are low/falling, and are expected to stay that way for quite some time. There are currently rumors that Hynix may consider exiting the memory business, despite strong sales in NAND flash technology. Source: The Inquirer
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4 Comments on Memory Giant Hynix Reports Huge Losses Due to Falling DRAM Prices

~Technological Technocrat~
ah well, now we know what Samsung was bitching about all along - sorry dudes :P
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and all down to the fact the world didnt take Vista onboard quite so readily..

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Wow, this is a surprise to me. Being as known as Hynix is, they are going to have to exit the market in which they excel most at because of low ram prices? Geez. This is not good.
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Bird of Prey
Not good at all. They make some great memory chips. They just need to tough it out. Their NAND memory prices are going strong.

Odd thing is, they want high prices so that we can't afford to buy memory. Yet with low prices, we can buy it like crazy and it still doesn't help them :(
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