Wednesday, April 2nd 2008

New Crysis Patch in the Works

The Crymod Modding Portal updated its blog today to inform all Crysis players that new Patch 1.3 is in the works.
Crysis – New Patch in Development
In an earlier weekly update we already confirmed that Crytek will continue working on patches for Crysis and supporting the community with new updates. Currently our Multiplayer dev team is fully concentrating on the upcoming Patch 1.3. It has been in development for quite a few weeks already, but we do not have a release date available just yet.

As for the content we can already say a bit, but not that much. The patch will not only include bug fixes and further gameplay balancing, we will also introduce new features to it. Unfortunately we cannot tell you too much about the content at this point, but be sure to not miss out the upcoming weekly update next Wednesday since it will include more news and details on the content itself.
Source: Crymod Modding Portal
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8 Comments on New Crysis Patch in the Works

It's going to take a lot to get me to play the MP...
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I will play the online when it doesn't run like shit on any settings.
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lol i'll play the online when it doesn't turn into a sniper-fest.... which crysis must do no matter how you play the game.
I play the game period when the game performance increases dramatically and be able to play on very high settings with more than 20FPS like I should be.
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on high settings i at 1280x1024 i get 40-50FPS in DX9

everyone online seems to have shitty ping like 100+, they need to increase the network coding drastically.
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and further gameplay balancing
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Resident Grammar Amender
They really need to increase the multithreading aspect of Crysis, they need to off load a lot more stuff to the other available cores. I know that requires a lot of stuff, but come on, it was designed to bring your high-end rig to it's knees. This (I would have thought) included proper multi-core support.

Silly wankers!
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I haven't even tried multiplayer yet.
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