Sunday, June 29th 2008

ASUS Launches New Matrix Series Graphics Cards with ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512

ASUS, a company that already sells more than enough custom video cards is now introducing its new MATRIX branded ROG (Republic of Gamers) EN9600GT HTDI/512M. I'll skip the mile long press release pointing out at this card as being the world's most intelligent, and write out some of its main advantages that might convince you of buying it. Dressed in black, the GeForce 9600GT MATRIX is equipped with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine for automatic detection and adjustments of voltage, clock settings and GPU fan speed. With its help the card lowers its GPU voltage in 2D mode and stops the GPU fan for completely silent operation. When required, the fan will start to spin depending on the GPU load and temperature. Futhermore, the EN9600GT MATRIX comes with iTracker, a feature that provides four different mode profiles: Optimized Mode, Gaming Mode, Power Saving Mode, and Default mode. It also displays in real-time the GPU/shader/memory clock speeds, GPU/memory voltages, GPU loading, GPU/memory/power IC/ambient temperatures, and the GPU fan speed. Finally, the card's remaining characteristics: 650MHz/1625MHz/1.8GHz (900MHz DDR3) core, shader and memory clock speeds respectively. Click here to see the full press release.

Source: ASUS
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12 Comments on ASUS Launches New Matrix Series Graphics Cards with ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512

Semi-Retired Folder
I like the cooler and black PCB.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
They could use the same exact design for a 8800 GTS 512M or the same cooler for a HD4850 variant. It will go head-on against the HIS IceQ 3 HD4850, whenever that comes up.
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Performance Enthusiast
With the ASUS ROG EN9600GT MATRIX/HTDI/512M in 3D mode, gamers can expect GPU and memory voltage boosts from 1.15V up to 1.34V and from 2V up to 2.01V respectively. Erstwhile, the GPU, shader and memory clock performances are boosted from 650MHz up to 800MHz, from 1625MHz up to 2000MHz, and from 900MHz up to 1100MHz respectively.

1.34v is niiiiiiice, and with this good cooler, it can probably go higher than 800/2000 too
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I have to admit - that cooler on that card makes it look seriously bad-ass . . . almost like it's been ripped straight out of a Borg cube or something
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Looks really good, but I think it might be loud since most fans that come on video cards now a days, usually are whiny and high pitched during full load. The cooler has 2 heatpipes that kind of remind me of the 2900xt that had 3 heatpipes. If it was copper it would definitely pull more heat, but then again it's only a 9600GT, those don't heat up too much.
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This product, is rather late to the market, considering how long 9600GTs have been around for...
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Performance Enthusiast
a 9800GTX with the same features would be a nice battle against the 4850.... hello auto 3d overclock to 825mhz....or a 9800GTX+ somewhere in the realm of 900mhz.... its all possible if they up the voltage.

no dobt a 9800GTX+ @ 900mhz core would beat a 4850, however the price of such a card would be probably around that of a 4870...
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tkpenalty said:
This product, is rather late to the market, considering how long 9600GTs have been around for...
+1 on that - ASUS' TOP version of the 8800GT was out a few weeks if im not wrong after the initial GT release date, giving new buyers more options. Most who wanted to buy a 9600 will have already done so, it'll be those who have hung back and waited for the prices to dip from the upcoming ATI cards that will benefit the most ;)

Nonetheless, that card overall looks stunning.
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Bird of Prey
Even I hate to admit it, but that is truly some awesome engineering. I look to see the same thing of sorts for the HD 4800 series from Asus.
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ASUS how I love thee, that card is hot looking! I hope they do something with the 4850/4870 similar.

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Cool Looking Little Bastard.
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