Friday, August 22nd 2008

Enermax Announcing the Revolution 85+ PSU Series

Do you remember when Enermax first released the Modu82+ and Pro82+? They were new a shiny, but despite the misleading name they were rated at only 625W for the highest end model, not exactly the wattage we're used to see for an enthusiast grade PSU. Now with a little help of our collegues at AnandTech, Enermax is announcing their new Revolution 85+ series, a new line of power supplies with higher wattage output and better compatibility with future requirements. The Revolution 85+ will be available in 850W, 950W, 1050W, and 1250W, though the last is slated to be available in Europe only with support for 230VAC. Specs wise, all PSUs will have six +12V rails each rated at up to 30A, and 3.3V and 5V rails that come from VRMs. The Revolution 85+ series will share a modular cable design that allows for up to ten extra cables to be plugged in. Four of these cables are with 6/8-pin PEG connectors for video cards. AnandTech will have a full review of the 1050W Revolution 85+ model soon. No pricing and availability information was released at the time of this publication.

Source: AnandTech
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Pretty nice PSU, reminds Enermax galaxy series uhmm
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6 12V rails, and four of them are for video cards. at least the 1250W model will handle 4x 4870 x2's if you can find a mobo to fit em :D
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Only a European 230 VAC circuit will support the highest model... you know, I see a trend happening there -- are new higher-end power supplies soon going to be unusable to the US?
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wow nice... six 30amp rails... thats beefy right there!
Still my Galaxy 1000W is still doing the job fine... no need for it just yet ;)
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Yeah, well expect them to be priced ridiculously if the Modu82+ is any example. I love Enermax and their Liberty DXX line for me offers the best performance for the buck. But I'd take a Corsair over the Modu82+ any day thanks to through the roof pricing for one (don't know about the pro82+ as I don't care for non-modular PSUs).
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where the hell are my stars
there really isn't much thats going to use all this PCP&C 510w (650w peak) is plenty of juice for now and with the addon of the 300w (400w peak) FSP drivebay PSU i have a peak of 1050w :D and cost so much less than the big ones
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enermax psu are always a little pricy, but owrth it imo, I'm a little dissapointed to see the highend not available in the u.s. but hey it's not like my galaxy is about to be outdated anytime soon so I've no need to be buying this series.
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When shopping for a PSU, I always look at enermax first, I have 5 pc running in my home with enermax, & never had any trouble. The oldest one going for 8 years now running mostly 24/7. the only one I have that's running just as long is pc power & cooling. The best two PSU IMO.
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Odin Eidolon said:
puah! 6 12V rails! :shadedshu
i agree, far too many.
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Bird of Prey
Not really that many at all, but I do love the single 12V rails to be honest. Enermax is top of the line dead nuts great psus. Hard pressed to find more though there are others out there
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