Wednesday, February 4th 2009

NVIDIA to Roll Out ''New'' GeForce GTS 250 at CeBIT

In the weeks to come, next month to be more precise, NVIDIA will officially rename its G92-based graphics cards series. Amongst the "new" SKUs that have surfaced so far, NVIDIA adds the GeForce GTS 250, or present-day GeForce 9800 GTX+. In a bid to garner support from its partners, NVIDIA issued a circular that includes the following statement:
GeForce GTS 250 carries over the same specs and features of 9800 GTX+, and hence the same GPU, memory, board, PCB, and thermal solution. AIC's should be confident in purchasing GPU's, PCB's, and other materials, since the only change is a new VBIOS to implement the new branding.
The GTS 250 model will be accompanied by yet another rebranding: GeForce GTS 240, present-day GeForce 9800 GT and GeForce 8800 GT. The GeForce 9800 GTX+ was released in July 2008, to compete with ATI's Radeon HD 4850. It was an evolution of the GeForce 9800 accelerator, to which it was built on a newer manufacturing process that facilitated higher clock speeds. NVIDIA is likely to choose CeBIT as the ideal launch-pad for its new series of graphics cards.
Source: Expreview
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54 Comments on NVIDIA to Roll Out ''New'' GeForce GTS 250 at CeBIT

Rebrands make me frown.
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo...................................Quit with the rebranding already.
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Cold Storm
Woot... They did the GSO all over again... I love how they try and sell their stuff off like that!
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If they do this I hope they move every one of their cards over to the new xxx number scheme and just leave it at that for a while. Once you factor in "5"s and how many more numbers there are before they hit the quad digits again they could make this last for a few years.
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Sure the 9800GTX is a good card, and I do like the new naming scheme tbh, but at least do something to update the damn GPU. TBH I'm suprised they haven't decided to roll out a lower spec'd GT200 series GPU on a GTS name scheme sooner...imagine a 140SP, 256-bit, 512mb beast. Granted it probably wouldn't walk away from the 9800 it replaced, it'd be an improvement and something new. That or make the 9800GTX gpu a 40nm chip, clock it up and call it a GTX 250, but a striaght up name-swap with no other changes is kind of dissapointing. Still glad I went with a GTX260, amazing card tbh, treated me great since July. But when people can snag a 9800GTX for half the price of a new GTX 250, many will go that route...I don't see the GTX 250 taking off in the current market, OEM's might take it for a high end build, some will buy it I'm sure. C'mon NV, you need the market as much as it needs you, give them more than a name change even if it's already a damn good GPU, doesn't mean it can't be improved!

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thats an upset, not only did i feel like a fool when i bought the rebranded 8800GTS, good thing i got the plus which offered the die shrink. But you know that there will be people that will buy it just because it's a "NEW" product... hahahaha
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8800gts = 9800gtx + die shrink = gts250 + die shrink?

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btarunr, post: 1196423"
The GeForce 9800 GTX+ was released in July 2008, to compete with ATI's Radeon HD 4850.
Well it didn't really do that great against it then so unless they make it more powerful it's still not gonna compete.
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And Nvidia wonders why they're LOSING market share...

Re-Branding is 4 losers !

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69er, post: 1196488"
And Nvidia wonders why they're LOSING market share...

Re-Branding is 4 losers !

Unfortunately they still get away with this shit because the general public isn't as enlightened as we TPUgoers are :P
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haha, I'll bet there will be quite a few re-flashed gtx's showing up on the likes of fleabay and such now. at least they changed the pcb between 8800->9800
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ascstinger, post: 1196561"
haha, I'll bet there will be quite a few re-flashed gtx's showing up on the likes of fleabay and such now. at least they changed the pcb between 8800->9800
its the same card in this case, not even a die strink, so does it matter

this is just a dirty little trick that nvidia is doing to get more people who don't know anything about video cards to buy this GTS 250 which is pretty much no different from a 9800GTX+
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Another remake of the 9800GTX wow, Epic fail!!!
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so im guessing that this also means the 9600GSO, 9600GT, 9800GT and 9800GX2 are probably gettin renamed 2 right
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To be honest, I'm not sure I understand why the majority of posters are so upset about this rebranding thing. Your arguments are valid and but does it really matter that much to you? What difference does it make to your computer?
PS - Im not trolling, my comments are just a casual observation, sorry if I offend.
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Performance Enthusiast
Both companies do this guys, its not like either of the 2 deserve an extra big frown.

this statement goes out to rebranding in general (just an example of companies chosen)

:shadedshu Nvidia :shadedshu ATi :shadedshu GM

and to drive the point home, who gives a flying koala bear what its called, its the combination of parts that really matters.

for instance no matter what its ever called, it will allways be G92 (of some revision) with 256-bit GDDR3 etc, name don't matter shiat.

..'Ant'.., post: 1196587"
Another remake of the 9800GTX wow, Epic fail!!!
the first added a + to the end, and that was for a good reason, hardly epic fail.

epic fail is taking a monster of a GPU, making it smaller, cheaper and with a tighter memory bus, and naming it to the next series... if it was at least the SAME i could handle it, but 9 times out of 10 these cards performed the same, with that last 1 in 10 performing worse. the only thing this card ever had going for it was price. any guesses?

also apologies in advance for how blunt i can be but people getting in a twist, or trying to put down a company for naming conventions is really pointless, look at what the card is made of and make your choice chaps.

my guessing example had me in a twist but now i could care less what the cards are called. like people got in a twist about the 295 being only slightly higher than the 285, this doesnt mean at all that its jsut a few percent faster, i means thats what the company decided to name the card.
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The Doctor is in the house
Interesting to see a once powerful card now midrange. It means more people will have access to higher graphics.
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They are certainly getting their milage out of this 8800GTX --> 9800GtX --> GTS250 :banghead:
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lol nvidia did it again
8800 GTX > 9800 GTX > GTS 250
woot ? :p

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The Exiled Airman
only reason they are rebagging them is because they cant sell them as a 9 series (basically a failed 8 series) thanks to the crap economy.
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so far its

8800GTS > 9800GTX > GTS 250
8800GS > 9600GSO
8800GT > 9800GT > GTS 240
8500GT > 9400GT
8600GTS > 9500GT

pretty much the only 2 cards in the 9 series that weren't die strunk and taken to the 9 series were the 9600GT and 9800GX2 which really sucks so when you think about that, its no suprise they did it again cause they already did it before

but it really needs to stop with the G92's now, they can't contend with ati's mid to high end cards anymore and now nvidia is just lookin stupid.

but I think this started upon the success of the 8800GT, which was ahead of its time but now its just gettin old an nearly in the low - mid category
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Now isnt that Funny.....
My 8800GTS 512 OC now has 3 twin brothers
9800GTX +
GTS 250
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