Tuesday, February 10th 2009

ACTICA Delivers DDR2-800 ECC Registered Memory for AMD Opteron Shanghai Platforms

ACTICA Inc., manufacturer of mission critical server memory products, announces the next generation DDR2-800/PC2-6400 ECC Registered for AMD Opteron Shanghai Platforms.

ACTICA’s new DDR2-800 ECC REG are compatible to AMD Opteron Shanghai sever platforms such as Supermicro H8DMT, H8DMU+, H8DM3, H8DMA, H8DA3, H8DAi-2, Tyan S4985-E, S3992-E, S2927-E, S2915-E, S2912-E, S2937, S2935, and Asus KFSN4-DRE/SAS/iKV, KFSN4-DRE/iKVM.
  • ACT4GER72E4G800S—DDR2-800 4GB ECC REG Samsung-chip
  • ACT2GER72F8G800S---DDR2-800 2GB ECC REG Samsung-chip
  • ACT1GER72A8G800S---DDR2-800 1GB ECC REG Samsung-chip

Designed according to JEDEC standard, ACTICA’s new DDR2-800 ECC REG modules meet the high-capacity and high-performance needs of high-level servers and workstations. The 800 MHz version will enable improved performance for AMD Opetron Shanghai based servers. The 800 MHz modules have bandwidth per high speed lane of 4.8 Gbit/s – an increase of 50 percent compared to 533 MHz and 20 percent compared to 667 MHz versions.

In order to meet the critical performance and reliability requirements of high-end computing and server applications, ACTICA only use premier grade components from major DRAM makers. ACTICA’s DDR2-800 ECC REG memory modules are built with Samsung chipset, and are available in 1 GB, 2 GB, and 4GB. 8 GB DDR2-800 ECC REG module is due to release in Q2 2009.

Every ACTICA module completes 24 hours of burn-in reliability testing and extensive dynamic testing to ensure highest quality and reduce RMA rate. All ACTICA memory modules come with a limited lifetime warranty.Source: Actica
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