Friday, March 27th 2009

VIA Demos First Em-ITX Board with VIA Nano Processor at ESC Silicon Valley

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms will showcase the VIA EITX-3000 Em-ITX board at ESC Silicon Valley 2009. Designed for ultra-thin, high-performance, fanless embedded systems at temperatures ranging from -10o to 70o Celsius, the VIA EITX-3000 uses unique processor placement to deliver leading performance in remarkably hot and cold environments.

The VIA EITX-3000 places the energy-efficient VIA Nano processor and VIA VX800 media system processor on the reverse side of the board, making greater real-estate available for passive cooling apparatus and thus negating the need for system fans. This makes the VIA EITX-3000 an exceptional choice for high performance systems in always-on applications such as high-end POS, Kiosk, ATM, HMI, factory automation, POI and digital signage.
Designed to facilitate hassle-free ultra-thin design of high performance, fanless systems, the VIA EITX-3000 is the first VIA product to use the recently announced Em-ITX form factor specification. Using a choice of either 1.3GHz or 1.0GHz VIA Nano Ultra Low Voltage processor, the VIA EITX-3000 couples industry leading performance-per-watt with a thin, fanless design courtesy of its extensive I/O coastline.

The added horsepower of the VIA Nano processor is supplemented by a full array of features including dual gigabit networking, multi-configurable dual on-board LVDS and a VGA port. Four on-board serial ports can be configured through BIOS selection while an on-board DC-DC power converterwith variable power input (DC 7V ~ 36V) supports both AT and ATX modes, configured via onboard switch. For further I/O options, the VIA EITX-3000 can also take advantage of a range of VIA developed EM-IO expansion boards.

"VIA has repeatedly pushed the thermal design envelope with innovative form factor specifications that allow ever more compact, slim and versatile device designs," said Daniel Wu, Vice President, VIA Embedded, VIA Technologies, Inc. "The VIA EITX-3000 adds the performance-per-watt advantages of the VIA Nano processor to create a truly compelling embedded board for high-end digital media systems".

Join VIA at ESC Silicon Valley 2009
The VIA EITX-3000 will be shown at ESC Silicon Valley 2009, March 31-April 2, the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, Booth No. 15109. For more information about VIA's involvement at ESC Silicon Valley please visit this page.

About the VIA EITX-3000
Specially designed for fanless implementations in a wide range of temperatures (-10o to 70o C), the VIA EITX-3000 is powered by a choice of the latest 1.0GHz or 1.3GHz VIA Nano processor and VIA VX800 media system processor, supporting up to 2GB of compact DDR2 SO-DIMM system memory. The VIA EITX-3000 includes an on-board DC-DC converter which supports both AT and ATX modes, configurable via an on-board switch.

The VIA VX800 media system processor takes advantage of the integrated VIA Chrome9 HC3 DirectX 9.0c compliant graphics and video controller, which includes MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and WMV9 hardware decoding acceleration for smooth media playback across multiple displays.

Dual, on-board LVDS ports support two 24-bit single channel interfaces with panel resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024. Both LVDS ports can offer independently configured resolutions and refresh rates in combination with an on-board VGA port supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1440.

Networking includes dual VIA VT6130 Gigabit Ethernet controllers via two RJ45 ports, supporting Wake On LAN and PXE features. Storage support includes two on-board S-ATA ports and one compact flash socket with HD audio provided through the VIA VT1708B HD audio codec. Two USB 2.0 ports are provided on front panel I/O with an additional four available via pin headers.

Four flexible on-board serial ports include support for two RS-232/422/485 ports, selectable without jumpers through the BIOS, while a PS/2 compatible bi-directional parallel port is available through pin headers. Status lights include power and HDD activity. A programmable WatchDog timer is also included.

About the Em-ITX Form Factor
The VIA developed Em-ITX form factor is the first form factor specification to specify dual I/O coastlines making it ideally suited to the development of ultra-slim embedded devices. Measuring 12cm x 17cm, both 17cm edges provide extensive space for an array of I/O options. This unique design greatly reduces cable clutter, facilitating thinner, more compact designs while also boosting signal integrity and improving airflow.

To learn more about the Em-ITX form factor please visit this page.
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13 Comments on VIA Demos First Em-ITX Board with VIA Nano Processor at ESC Silicon Valley

Nano! w00t. At last!

PS. More pictures needed, esp. of the reverse side of the board!
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Is that 4 D-Sub ports i see? Thats a lot of displays for that little board :eek:
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Looks like 4 COM ports to me (RS-232). The VGA port is on the other side. DARK BLUE and 3 rows of pins (sockets)
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lemonadesoda said:
Looks like 4 COM ports to me (RS-232). The VGA port is on the other side. DARK BLUE and 3 rows of pins (sockets)
ahh, i see it know.
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at last! nice share mate!..
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Updated images.
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Thanks btarunr.

This small one must be the Nano CPU:

And this big one must be the chipset/graphics:

Notice 3 holes symmetrically placed around the CPU and Chipset (see bta's OP for the picture). It must be an all-in-one big passive heatsink.

There is ONE fan connector on the front side of the board, but I assume that is for a case fan, not CPU/Chipset fan.
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Serial I-O for low level access and original programming, run a whole thin OS from the on board CF. Configure from serial console and ship out.
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where the hell are my stars
thats a pretty damn good design.

hopefully if NV do take them over we don't loose that enginuity Via seems to have going for it
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is this same car computer they talk about before right
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Hello to ALL!

Hi, i'm new and so hi to all . I wanted to know about the via nano that is dual core and is due to release in on jun e 20010 , do you have any update, please keep me updated if you know some. rshyam1234u at gmaildotcom :toast:
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+1 on the dual core question... still seeing nothing on their website and wikipedia
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Thinking outside of the box... placing the CPU on the bottom of the pcb... That would be a neat idea for a silent PC. Now someone make a motherboard that has socket on the other side, and a matching aluminium case with embedded heatpipes for total passive silentness! ;)
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