Tuesday, April 7th 2009

Video of the Day: 23 GeForce GTX 295 Video Cards Installed in a Single Server Rig

Wanna see what crazy is? How about 23 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 video cards installed in a single rig. Yep, that's not a typo. Named Atlas Folder, this wholesale pack of G200b GPUs (dubbed: folding server farm) is like an industrial grinder for Folding@Home. Watch the cool YouTube video here and feel free to leave a comment. I bet even NVIDIA engineers dream for such a monstrous distributed computing station.

Source: MaximumPC
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That is just crazy! Nice find man!
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What a waste!! I don't see any point in that at all
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WOW.... so would that be like somthing used by OnLive servers?
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Im sure it can run Crysis at 50fps with a resolution of 1920x1800 :p
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Semi-Retired Folder
Ah, so not all in one machine, but all in one rack, and only 17 actually in the rack...cool I guess. I wish I could afford to do something like that.
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Yeah, not as exciting after watching the video...
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the video is for a folding farm. the link posted by ThomasDM
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gtx 390 coming in May

wow now what is this guy going to do when the quad gtx 390 comes out.
see the pictures of it in the link. You will trip out. I can't believe Techpowerup has not mentioned it at all.
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All running on MSI AMD 790FX motherboards (no SLI). It's far from being the "ultimate gaming hardware", as only one of those 23 cards will be able to render a single 3D application at a time. Should've named it "ultimate folding hardware".
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Unless someone does a real 16-gpu single rig, I'm not going to be impressed. Money = more PPD, but it doesn't always get you e-peen points! ;)
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Great find! That means if I owned this rig I would play Crysis @ max settings while folding! :D
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The only thing exciting about that, or potentially exciting, is if one of the pretty blue lights suddenly went red or dead.

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Story Updated. Thanks for the observations.
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yea, some hardcore PPD for sure, that's a 1-man team lol. but a waste imo
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I|m sure that this guy has had a lot of fun building 6 machines into a 19 inch rack. But 6x 4 GTXs could be improved using a PCIe expansion bay. Since this is a folding farm and not GPU SLI, he doesnt need x16 slots, so an extension bay would be quite practical. He could use x4 for the cards, and easily drive 8 or 16 cards from ONE PC.
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they stole my PC name >=[ "Atlas"
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