Thursday, April 9th 2009

ASUS P Series Notebooks Now Equipped with New Intel Anti-Theft Technology

ASUS today announced its plans to equip its notebooks with Intel Anti-Theft Technology, in an effort to help customers address the growing theft of notebooks. In the commercial world where businesses operate with the strictest level of confidentiality, and where notebooks belonging to highly mobile business professionals are likely to contain confidential company or personal information, the theft of vital information may be costly. ASUS addresses this concern with its new P Series notebooks, which are equipped with Intel Anti-theft PC Protection Technology. This new technology provides users with the ability to send a "poison pill" remotely, rendering the notebook inoperable by comprehensively shutting it down. As such, the risk resulting from a stolen or lost notebook is eliminated. Once the notebook has been recovered, a local passphrase or recovery token can be used to reactivate the notebook.

"With the incorporation of Intel Anti-Theft PC Protection technology in ASUS P30 and P80 notebooks, professionals can now conduct their businesses with greater assurance and without the fear of dire ramifications in the event of theft or loss," said Mr. Henry Yeh, General Manager of ASUS' Notebook Business Unit. "This added security capability in our P Series commercial notebooks makes it the definitive mobile companion for the professionals of today's fast-paced market."

The ASUS P30 and P80, with innovative built-in security capabilities based on Intel Anti-Theft Technology, are available immediately.

"With the growth of laptop sales increasing, theft management has become an important requirement for our customers," said George Thangadurai, director of Strategic Planning and general manager, Intel Anti-theft Services, Intel Mobile Platforms Group. "Our collaboration with ASUS will bring to customers new worldwide scalable hardware-based security solutions using Intel Anti-Theft Technology that will deter theft."Source: ASUS
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5 Comments on ASUS P Series Notebooks Now Equipped with New Intel Anti-Theft Technology

It this device really anti-thefit. Or is it more a "once stolen the thief will just trash it" and you will definitely not get your data back.

If security is an issue, then an encrypting HDD sounds like a more sensible solution.

However, I can see this as being politically very attractive. I'm sure it will be popular in the civil service, esp. the police force:
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Thiefs don't know the difference between your Asus anti theft laptop and a t40, and if they want your data, they are going to get it.
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Good idea similar to what they do with stolen mobiles ofcourse thats providing the theif dont damage the lappy. =/
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