Wednesday, May 6th 2009

Patriot Memory Expands their DDR2 SODIMM Line with 4GB and 8GB

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, today announced their DDR2 4GB and 8GB SODIMM mobile solutions to answer the need of extreme mobile computing.

"The performance gap between mobile and desktop computing has reduced significantly over the recent introduction of more powerful mobile platforms," commented Les Henry, Director of Engineering at Patriot, "By adding Patriot’s DDR2 4GB module or 8GB in dual channel mode, mobile systems can eliminate that gap and perform like a true desktop replacement."
Offering at 4GB single or 8GB Dual Channel Kit, Patriot SODIMM products are 100% hand tested and validated in house on the latest PC and Apple platforms. Designed to take full advantage of the 64-bit operating systems, they are the perfect solutions for CAD, video conversion, 3D-modeling and other memory consuming applications.

For more information about Patriot's 4GB single SODIMM and 8GB kit, and other memory module and flash memory solutions, please contact your Patriot Sales Representative or visit Patriot Memory.
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4 Comments on Patriot Memory Expands their DDR2 SODIMM Line with 4GB and 8GB

Wile E
Power User
Would be nice if they mentioned these are CAS5 in the press release. Not bad for 1.8V 4GB modules, tbh.
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4GB on a sodimm is awesome, not seeing many 4GB sticks in regular DDR2!
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~Technological Technocrat~
this is good news. but 4Gb modules have been available for a while now. you get the choice of having 16Gb Ram in a laptop.

how L337 would you be? LOL crank up the shared memory for the GPU's & install a x64bit O/S!!

personally im tempted to install Vista x64 on my old dual core lappy.
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Wow, thats awesome. Might get one of each for testing purposes. Should run thru the shop trying all the models out. Im pretty sure stuff like the eeepc and uwind max out at 2Gb, but i dont foresee an issue with most of the rest out there.

Hmmm w7 x64 with 16Gb ram, Calpella @ 2.5+Ghz sounds like my next laptop.
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