Friday, May 15th 2009

DFI Announces LANParty DK 790X-M2RS

DFI LANParty AMD series motherboards, including the highest end 790FXB family and multi-media 790GX family, have proved excellent performance on Phenom II overclocking. Now, LANParty team is focusing on "Main stream Overclocking", DK 790X-M2RS is the first product that aims this segment.

Compared with the high-end 790FXB family, the DK 790X-M2RS has the equivalent overclocking BIOS settings and also retains exclusive overclocking features such as "debug LED", "built-in power/reset button", and "six fan connectors". Therefore, the DK 790X-M2RS is really a cost-effective overclocking motherboard.
For game players, the DK 790X-M2RS provides two PCI Express x16 slots (bandwidth x8/ x8) and supports CrossFireX dual graphics card technology. On audio performance, it adopts Realtek's hi-end ALC885 chipsets that have best SN ratio than competitor products in field tests. In terms of network chipsets critical to LAN games, it adopts the hi-quality Marvell 8056 GbE IC whose performance in field tests is 15% higher than other products.

Moreover, the DK 790X-M2RS comes with the unique auto CPU upgrade technology "ABS II", with which users just have to turn on the power and all the overclocking processes will be automatically completed and saved, enabling increased performance without the need for any overclocking skills. For those advanced overclocking users, LANParty provides Genie BIOS for experts. Users can optimize the performance with more than one hundred options. In addition, up to four sets of overclocking parameters can be stored in BIOS. Users can easily select the specific parameter set according to the scenario, and achieve the best balance between performance and energy efficiency .

  • AMD 790X chipset with SB750
  • Supports AMD AM2+ processors: Phenom II / Phenom / Athlon / Sempron, AMD AM2 processors: Athlon series / Sempron
  • DDR2 667/800/1066(1200MHz Max.)
  • ACC over-clocking technology
  • Genie BIOS with various BIOS setting for extreme performance
  • ABS II technology: upgrade your CPU automatically
  • AMD ATI CrossFireX ready
Source: DFI
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8 Comments on DFI Announces LANParty DK 790X-M2RS

Ive been looking for 790X for people, cause they are cheap, and fast, 790GX is too expensive, and who needs the IGP? :p
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Aww.. a sub 100$ DFI 790X AM3 board would've made me want to go DDR3 :(
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This is all good news but WHERE are the AM3 DDR3 Matx boards!!!!!!!!! :cry: where!!!
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I like DFI, but I want a great OC board with DDR3, there are some from MSI thats look and performs fine. what about the others? Asus, Gigabyte, ...
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i have the MSI K9A2 CF with that 790X and is great! i was thinking buy the Gigabyte with that chipset and DDR because is nice, but now wait to see prices to compare... :rockout:
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Bird of Prey
Looks pretty good, so its just a tweak on the original 790X M2RS right? I want to see the DDR3 boards personally. I know MSI GD70 board is DDR3 and performs quite well.
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Wile E
Power User
I want to know why DFI hasn't released any Infinity boards with the newer chipsets. Infinity was always the bang-for-the-buck OCing champ.
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