Sunday, May 24th 2009

XFX to Enter Power Supply Market with 850 W Black Edition

Manufacturers branching out in to different segments seems to be the in thing to do at the moment and XFX is no exception as leaked slides on the forums of Legit Reviews, reveal that XFX are getting ready to announce their first power supply line at Computex Taipei 2009 next month. The first of which has been dubbed the 850 W Black Edition (XPS-850W-BES), which follows suit of many of their Black Edition graphics cards. It is a modular PSU featuring 88% effeciency and sports a 70A single 12v rail capped at 840 W. It would seem XFX are taking this seriously as the combined output across all of the wattage caps is in excess of 1,000 W. According to the slides the PSU features 105°C Japanese brand capacitors, +/-3% voltage regulation, solid polymer caps, and a 135mm ball bearing fan. Using a combination of fixed and removable cables the XFX 850 W Black Edition has 4 PCI-E 6+2 Pin connectors, 11 SATA connectors and 8 Molex connectors.

Source: Legit Reviews
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Original source pics have been taken down :(

But the one in my article is definetly 134405, so I don't know anymore


Maybe 134405 is a "test" UL number for them to put down while first designing it, before a certain manufacturer is decided. Maybe even an inhouse prototype number.
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ok nevermind Corsair must of just added the 750HX UL I don't remember seeing it there last month. here is the 1200HX it's been listed since Moses wore short pants. maybe the XFX 850 BE will be added at the last minute.
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if this was in my case, I wouldn't be able to see it:(
my case is designed to cover PSUs...
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looks nice nonetheless
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the looks of this is awesome. if the happen to make them in bigger wattage's i may get one. the fan grill doesn't seem like it'll be an issue. if it is. u can always clip every other grill bar to make the opening a lil bigger and still leave protection even though its in a case. i doubt someone will b sticking a finger or a hotdog in there to try it. lol. i love the green look to xfx products. i never had any issues with their products. i look forward to this coming out and being tested.
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