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Scythe Releases Kaze Master Ace Series Fan Controllers

The Japanese cooling specialist Scythe Co., Ltd. unveils the Kaze Master Ace. This fan controller is nothing else but the premium version of the popular and award-winning fan controller Kaze Master.

For the production of this product, only noble materials have been used. The brushed aluminum front accentuates the blue illuminated VFD display in an optimal way. By the material of the front panel, the Kaze Master Ace fits in every high-quality aluminum case perfectly.

Scythe Adds VGA Supplementary Cooling kit

Scythe has introduced a new VGA supplementary cooling kit today, the package SCVCH-1000, a kit consisting of heatsinks for cooling the memory chips, and the video card's VRM area. This becomes especially useful when you have replaced a card's stock cooler that happened to provide full-coverage cooling to all components, with a Scythe cooler that concentrates active cooling on the GPU, while leaving the rest of the card's components to cool under its airflow. Memory chips and VRM components do tend to have a direct impact on the overclock you could achieve, or simply increasing the card's longevity. The kit has been released, it sells for €6,90 in the EU and $10.50 in the US. It consists of:
  • 16 x Large Chip Heatsinks (VRAM)
  • 1 x Heatsink for HSI Chip
  • 4 x Thin Chip Heatsinks
  • 1 x Small Chip Heatsink
  • 1 x Ultra narrow Chip Heatsink

Scythe Introduces Kama Angle CPU Cooler

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces its newest CPU-Cooler. Together with, there was a product developed which uses a unique design to fit everybodys' needs. The special angular shape of the cooler allows to optimize the airflow through a PC system by utilizing the PSU and rear case fans. For perfect compatibility and flexibility, Kama Angle can be mounted in four different directions.

Scythe supplies Kama Angle with a new ultra silent SlipStream-fan, which uses PWM. The PWM-technology allows a temperature-dependent regulation of fan speed directly controlled by mainboard BIOS and is supported by lots of motherboards available on the market. The supplied fan can be mounted in three different ways to supply optimal airflow inside the case.

Scythe Launches Musashi Full Throttle VGA Cooler

Scythe announces its first original VGA Cooler, "Musashi" to the worldwide market. After several years of intensive and deep market research as well as our product development without compromise, the Musashi VGA Cooler is proudly ready with the various features, which users can take the advantages for silencing and cooling of VGA. Not to mention the importance of having wider compatibility with today's VGA cards, the independent dual super thin 100mm fans allow users to independently control each fan speed to fulfill the demand for silent to over-clocking purposes.

Furthermore, single fan mode can be arranged by simply detaching 1 fan and place another fan onto the middle of the VGA cooler to intensively cool the GPU. By integrating the Scythe original "Kaze Jyu Slim 100mm Fan", thickness of the VGA cooler becomes very thin, which can be fitted into the PC case in a compact way. Airflow can be directed to the entire graphic card to ensure the complete cooling of the graphic card. Ideal for gamers or simply replacing the noisy original cooler comes with your VGA, Scythe "Musashi" is here to fulfill your needs.

Scythe Announces Kama Reader 2

Upgraded version of 2-Way Usage, Internal or External Compact Card Reader has arrived. Direct insertion of microSD & Memory Stick Micro is the new feature for this upgraded version. Precise fit into the 3.5inch bay of your PC case or use this as external card reader device with easy-plug-in USB connection for notebook PC users. Compatibility is ready for most of the media available in the market. The reader supports a plethora of formats, it comes in white and black colours, and supports Windows XP/2000/Vista and Mac OS X. For more information, please visit the product page here.

Scythe Announces Space Saving HDD Mounting Kit

Scythe Co., Ltd announces the space saving Hard Disk mounter in 5.25" Bay, "Hard Disk Stabilizer x4", to the market. Are you lacking of space to mount more Hard Disk into your PC case? This item makes it possible to mount up to 4 x Hard Disks into the space of 3 x 5.25inch bay! Not only the space saving feature, but also this item can provide an important job to prevent vibration transfer from your Hard Disk to the PC case. There is no need to explain in details, but just by looking at the product image, the item explains the features itself! At the same time, Scythe also offers the "Hard Disk Stabilizer 2" as the current product line-ups for preventing the vibration transfer as well as to mount the extra Hard Disk onto 5.25inch bay for a single Hard Disk mounting purposes. For this alternative product, please go to the product page.

The stabilizer kit spans 15.5 mm x 20mm / 0.61in x 0.79in (Diameter x Length of Anti-Vibration Screw) and fits into a standard 5.25" Bay. The kit consists of anti-vibration screws and mounting plate.

Scythe Musashi VGA Cooler Spotted in Japanese Stores

Japanese PC cooling specialist, Scythe released the "Musashi" SCVMS-1000 VGA cooler spotted at a Japanese store. This double-fan aluminum cooler suits all popular card designs although the GeForce GTX 200 series isn't advertised.

The cooler consists of an aluminum fin arrays of unequal sizes through which pass four nickel-plated copper heatpipes, two in opposite direction of the other two. The GPU contact block from which those pipes project out itself isn't in the center. On one the other side of the fin arrays are two 100 mm, 12 mm thick PWN controlled fans which have individual speed controls provided by two knobs on an expansion bracket. These regulate the speeds of the fans between 800 and 2500 rpm (combined noise level 12.5 dB to 29.22 dB depending on the fans' rpm).

Scythe Announces Kaze Maru series Case-fans

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces another original designed 140mm dimension-surface 120mm case fan, "Kaze Maru". "Kaze" means "Wind" & "Maru" means "Round" in Japanese language. 500rpm version of this case fan is used for Scythe giant fanless CPU cooler, "Orochi" CPU Cooler as a default cooling fan to generate super silent CPU cooler. By making the shape to be round shaped, the screw hole for 120mm case fan is build-in to this case fan, which means the case fan can be mounted into the 120mm case fan position yet generate the performance and maintain the silence of 140mm equivalent. Round shaped case fan is also unique design in the today's hardware market. By replacing the existing 120mm case fan on CPU cooler or case fan with this "Kaze Maru" 140mm case fan, more gain in airflow and reduction in noise can be accomplished! 3 various fan speed can be selected, 500rpm for super silent purposes, 1200rpm for silent purposes, and 1900rpm for silent yet more power/airflow purposes. Depending on your needs and demands, this case fan can be the versatile product to fit your needs! For further details, please refer to the below specifications.

Scythe Launches Ninja 2 CPU Cooler

Cooling manufacturer Scythe has introduced Ninja 2, the new and improved version of its famous fanless Ninja CPU cooler. Now, before I start talking about the cooler I must admit that in Ninja 2 nothing has changed, at least by the outside look of it. It's the same old Ninja from the outside, but that's not what Scythe thinks. According to their PR, the new Ninja performs 5% better in fanless operation (TDP 65W at 25°C/77F ambient temperature) and 15% better in active cooling operation (TDP 130W at 25°C/77F ambient temperature) than the standard SCNJ-1100P Ninja. For good or for bad, the new Ninja still uses the original LGA775 retention mechanism, no bolt through kit again. The new Ninja is also compatible with Intel Socket 478 and AMD Socket 754 939, 940 and AM2/AM2+. Scythe Ninja 2 (SCNJ-2000) can be yours now for as low as USD $54.00 or Euro 30.95 excl. VAT. More information about the cooler is available here.

Scythe Releases Kama Panel 2 5.25-inch Multi-Functional Controller

Scythe has now introduced Kama Panel 2 - a new 5.25-inch multi-functional controller for PCs. Available in black (SCKMPN-2000-BK) and white (SCKMPN-2000-SL) the Kama Panel 2 measures 148 x 42 x 90mm (WxHxD) and features an integrated memory card reader, six fan controlling knobs (4 of them are detachable), two USB 2.0 ports, one Line-In jack, a Mic-Out jack, an Audio-Out jack, an IEEE1394 plus one data and one power SATA connectors. The integrated memory card reader is compatible with all SD Card, miniSD Card, SDHC Card, Micro SD Card, MMC Card, RS-MMC Card, Compact Flash, Micro Drive, xD Card and Memory Stick PRO, DUO and PRO-DUO cards. Also if the four detachable fan knobs are removed you can place a slim CD/DVD drive in their place. The suggested retail price for Scythe Kama Panel 2 is $39.80 or 24.95 Euro without VAT.

Scythe Launches the Ita Kaze Hard Drive Cooler

Japan distributor and manufacturer of cooling parts Scythe, today introduced the Ita Kaze hard drive cooler. Designed by Scythe, the Ita Kaze (SCIT-1000) measures 126 x 101,6 x 13,5mm and comes with a silent 100mm fan that has a noise output of just 14.5dBA and offers a maximum air flow of 15.23CFM (25,875 m3/h). The Ita Kaze weights in 105 grams, comes bundled with a 4-to-3-pin adapter and is already shipping. The cooler's MSRP is $11 or 6.95 Euro.

Scythe Launches Kama Bay Amplifier

Scythe is pleased to announce the new 5.25" bay audio amplifier as the group's latest addition to its new category of audio devices. This amplifier can be used for either internal or external purposes to boost the sound quality of your PC or home theater system. Cooling, silence and power for the PC system have been targeted by many manufacturers in the market, yet the sound category has been neglected until today. This is an ideal product for anyone looking to build a high-end audio PC system, using a home audio system along with their PC, or simply looking for a better sound solution for their PC.

Scythe Launches Himuro Hard Disk Cooler

Scythe today announced a new all-aluminum hard disk cooler called "Himuro". The product name "Himuro" comes from the old time preservation storage for snow and ice. Hard disks are often neglected for cooling compared to other components inside the computer system, yet it is also important to cool the data storage to prolong its life. The flexible mounting system is built-in for this product to allow the user to mount the hard disk cooler in various ways (bezel hidden or exposed on 5.25inch bays). Compatible with either parallel or serial ATA 3.5inch hard disks up to 10,000rpm. Anti-vibration mounting legs are included to further contribute to silence!

Scythe Announces Orochi CPU Cooler

Scythe has released a new fanless CPU cooler known as Orochi, a name which comes from the ancient Japanese snake monster with eight heads. The heatsink has been designed to maximise cooling performance when using either no fan or a low-fan speed in order to make your system as quiet as possible. It features 10 heatpipes and a large heatsink area, with the option of using Scythe's 25mm thick 140mm round fan to "optimize" cooling.

Scythe Launches Kama 5.25 inch Bay Speaker

Scythe Co., Ltd today announced the 5.25inch boom box for PC systems. This 5.25inch built-in bay speaker provides a quality stereo sound despite its restricted dimensions and power. Quad built-in concaved shaped speakers maximize the sound power. Black, silver and white colors are available to match with your PC case front panel, and silver finished speaker domes provide a luxury appearance for your PC system. Volume controller and power ON/OFF switch are built-in as an extra feature. Still suspicious of the quality of this speaker's sound? Try it for yourself to hear the sound and feel the quality of this 5.25inch bay boom box!!

Scythe Orochi Ready to Meet its Competitors

Announced today in Japan and set to become widely available for purchase from 21th February, this is the third new processor cooler coming from Scythe within a month. Expected to become the most expensive Scythe cooler, the Orochi may well deserve the title "overkill" with its 10 massive heatpipes, 1155gm weight and huge dimensions: 120x194x155mm (height). On top of this beast you'll find a 140mm fan spinning at 500 rpm, which may also be mounted vertically. The Scythe Orochi is compatible with all Intel P4 478/775 and AMD Athlon64 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+ Sockets. Please visit the product page for more information.

Scythe Announces Super Slim Shuriken Cooler

Scythe Co. today announced the company's lowest profile heatsink, Shuriken CPU Cooler. Shuriken is the hand-hidden weapon used by old time Ninja warrior to attack its enemy. Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler comes with 3 most-wanted features in the cooling industry. One of them is the "Extreme Low Height" feature which makes this product to be compatible to most cases in the market. The second feature is the slim 100mm x 12mm thickness "Super Slim PWM Fan" which is originally designed by Scythe engineer to make this product as low height as possible. The last feature is the weight being super light as 355g, which is nearly the same as the box CPU cooler comes with Intel or AMD CPU. Furthermore Shuriken CPU Cooler is equipped with the famous and patent pending VTMS (Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System) mounting mechanism to accomplish a tool-free mounting. The supplied fan clips allow the optional use of after-market 92mm fans or the Scythe Kaze Jyu 100mm fans.

Scythe Announces Kaze Master Fan Controllers

For those of us who like to control the speeds of our fans via hardware, Scythe recently unleashed a product that is sure to please. Dubbed the "Kaze Master VFD display fan controller", this interesting thing will fit in your standard 5.25" or 3.5" drive bay. The 5.25" version can handle 4 fans, assuming none of them require a current of more than 1A (12V). The 3.5" version can handle two fans of the same strength. This controller allows fans to run with between 3.7V(±10%) and 12V(±10%) of current, and also has a switch that turns them off completely. You can get them in black or silver for roughly $40.

The 5.25" version is here, and the 3.5" version is here.

Scythe Launches the Zipang CPU Cooling

Scythe announced today its first try with 140mm fan equipped CPU cooling. The Zipang CPU Cooler or SCZP-1000 uses 6 massive heat-pipes situated on rather unusual place for today's processor cooling solutions. Scythe technicians call it UPHC (Uneven Parallel Heatpipe Construction). This new technology is applied for the first time in this cooler, as well as the new Scythe 140mm fan producing 51.82CFM air flow at only 21.00dBA (fan speed: 1000rpm ±10%). The overall weight of the cooler is 815g and Scythe promises compatibility for all Intel Socket 478/T (LGA775) and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2 processors. The Zipang (Land of the Rising Sun) CPU Cooler can be yours now for US $58.00 / EURO 44.95.

Scythe Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary, Intros All Copper Ninja CPU Cooler

Five years ago in Akihabara Electric Town located in Tokyo Japan Scythe began its operation and business as a distributor and manufacturer of PC parts & gaming devices for "DIY PC Experts!". Year 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of Scythe, and the firm is launching an all copper version to mark the occasion. This copper version comes with luxurious all copper heatsink fins as well as a slower speed fan (800rpm) to fully benefit from the higher performance and heat transfer ratio of the copper while keeping the noise to minimum. The SCNJ-CU1000 cooler weights 1015g (+115g Fan) and for that reason Scythe has decided to change the clip mounting mechanism with new one that features backplate and better contact pressure. This model will come in limited quantity and price around 70.00 (USD) / 59.90 (EURO).

New 120x120x38mm Fans from Scythe

Scythe announced today three new sleeve bearing Ultra Kaze 120mm case fans. Unlike the common fans with 25mm thickness, the new Ultra Kaze 120 fans come with 38mm thikness. The slowest model (DFS123812L-1000) has the following specifications: 1000RPM, 19,81dBA and 44,44CFM. Furthermore, it is designed for silent operation in a PC system. Other models of Ultra Kaze 120 - DFS123812L-2000 and DFS123812H-3000 - aim for enthusiasts who are seeking high performance and high airflow for their PCs.

Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler

Scythe is launching a new mini fanless CPU Cooler, Ninja Mini CPU Cooler (SCMNJ-1000). This mini version of the popular Scythe Ninja is still powerful and silent, yet the biggest advantage of the cooler is its height being 115mm. The overall weight of SCMNJ-1000 is reduced to 580g (without a fan). This makes the cooler ideal for HTPC as well as living-room PC systems. The supplied 80mm fan is running at 2300rpm, and generates an operating sound of 24.40dBA. Scythe also provides the new Mini with both 80mm and 92mm fan clips. The Scythe SCMNJ-1000 is compatible with Intel Socket 478/LGA775 and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2.

Scythe Releases Kama Wing Memory Cooler

Scythe announced today the original designed Kama Wing SCKW-1000 memory cooler. The Kama Wing is made of aluminum and features "angled" design to minimize the interference with components installed on the motherboard. The SCKW-1000 memory package also features 4 thermal tape pieces. The suggested price for the Kama Wing SCKW-1000 memory cooler is USD 9.80/EURO 7.50 excl. VAT.

Sharper Katana is back! Katana 2 CPU Cooler

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the Katana 2 CPU Cooler, the 2nd generation of the former value-for-money CPU Cooler, Katana CPU Cooler, to the market. This version "2" comes with total 3 heatpipes, unique sloping shaped heatsink fins to provide a better performance than the previous model. Installation is much easier than the previous model, and the default fan is the Scythe original "Kaze Jyu 100mm Fan" to maximize the cooling performance yet maintain the high level of silence. Try this improved version of Katana CPU Cooler to fight against your CPU heat!

Scythe changes corporate logo and slogan

Scythe Co., Ltd announces the change of its corporate logo. The former logo was established in 2002 to introduce the "Scythe" brand as the manufacturer of unique fan-less and low-noise cooling solution to the worldwide enthusiastic market, yet due to the versatility of the PC market and potential expansion of our brand and knowledge into other part of the computer components, the new logo has been developed. This new logo is introduced to connect both enthusiastic users as well as the general PC users to get familiarize with current and the future Scythe products and brand as a leading manufacturer of computer components.
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