Monday, December 14th 2009

ASUS Ready with EAH5770 CuCore Graphics Card

With the recent spurt of non-reference design Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards, ASUS seems to be ready with its EAH5770 CuCore, where "CuCore" stands for copper (Cu) core, used in the GPU cooler. Speaking of which, the GPU cooler consists of a GPU base which has 5.8 oz (164.5 g) of copper, for better transfer of heat, to the rest of the heatsink which has radially-projecting aluminum fins. The PCB designed by ASUS seems to be slightly longer than the reference AMD PCB, yet it only makes room for one CrossFire connector, meaning its can pair with only one more card of its kind (or up to three more cards with two CrossFire connectors).

The 40 nm Juniper GPU has DirectX 11 compliance, and is powered by 800 stream processors, and connects to 1 GB of memory across a 128-bit GDDR5 memory interface. Despite the swanky cooling the card sticks to reference AMD clock speeds of 850/1200 MHz (core/memory), but comes with the ASUS VoltageTweak feature that allows software voltage adjustments. The rear-panel is redesigned too, with one of the slots making for a large vent, with the lower slot holding one each of DVI-D, D-Sub, and HDMI. The ASUS EAH5770 CuCore is expected to be priced under 130 EUR.
Source: PCPOP
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Vanguard Beta Tester
Only 1 crossfire connector.... i dont like that
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Looks like it will run cool but... it has a vent and nothing is getting vented out it seems
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I'm not buying the idea of the high end coolers on these cards, they run pretty cool anyway. You could certainly gain a little, but I have my doubts it will be much over the "egg" shaped cooler.
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Big Member
AlienIsGODOnly 1 crossfire connector.... i dont like that
There is really no point in two on this thing.
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Good single slot cooler+Asus volt tweak...i smell a winner :toast:
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FishymachineGood single slot cooler+Asus volt tweak...i smell a winner :toast:
No it's not, check the third pic. When are we going to see single slot 5770s TDP is low enough.
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Can't wait for Mobility HD5700. That GPU is gonna rock :rockout:
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hmm.. well other vc coolers have copper base and alu fins on them.. dunno whats the point of them hyping the "cu core" up..
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Every year they come out with new cards,

and every year they produce coolers that don't vent out the back of the case,

for people who just don't want to pay enough for a good graphics card.

At least they're going with low powered cards, so they don't through quite as much heat into
the system.
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I think ASUS just lost my business. I'm sorry ASUS, but you are going the wrong way. Stop with the releasing 4 or 5 different versions of the SAME CARD... spend the $$ on something useful, like keeping your customers happy. I wasn't happy with the response your customer service dude gave me, and it was such an easy fix...

That is all.
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The Exiled Airman
Bjorn_Of_Icelandhmm.. well other vc coolers have copper base and alu fins on them.. dunno whats the point of them hyping the "cu core" up..
one thing


TBH if a card had a total copper heatsink on it (plate, pipes, solder, and fins) all out of copper, that would be something id use.
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Bird of Prey
Looks really good and I agree with mailman, there is no need for 2 connectors. 2 of these will make an awesome configuration.
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wait does that mean it still runs with the volterra vregs or its changed?? thats important for all software vmods volterra and only one other kind (i forget now which one) supports it.
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FAIL until proven otherwise...
We want review W1ZZARD!!!To see if it clocks better than the reference...To me this cooler wont be too different from the stock+ its idiotic to put the voltage circuitry on the cards front...It should be near the 6PIN...+why only one X connector?????
The only thing it might be good for is aftermarket coolers cos the DVI wont be blocking them now.
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No DP but vga output and loss of eyefinity ,wrong way asus .
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