Monday, November 22nd 2010

Zalman Intros CNPS5X CPU Cooler

Zalman announced its latest CPU cooler, the CNPS5X. Its design is a fusion between traditional tower-type and Zalman's own nested fan design heatsink. The CNPS5X is designed for medium-thru-heavy thermal loads, more like highly overclocked dual-core or mildly overclocked quad-core chips. The company excluded support for LGA1366 for this reason, but added support for Intel's upcoming LGA1155 socket. Other sockets supported include LGA1156, LGA775, and AM3/AM2+/AM2.

Its design consists of Y-shaped aluminum fins, to which heat is conveyed evenly by three 8 mm thick copper heat pipes. The heat pipes converge at a copper CPU base. The 92 mm fan is nested inside the aluminum fins. It spins at 1400~2800 rpm, with a rated noise level of 20~32 dBA. Together, the CNPS5X measures 127(L) x 62(W) x 134(H) mm, weighing 320 g. Installation is made easy by push-pins for Intel sockets, and a fixed clip for AMD sockets, requiring no access to the back of the motherboard. Slated for market release in December, the CNPS5X from Zalman is priced at €26.90.
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How does this compare with Xigmatek Dark Knight I wonder?
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Fourstaff said:
How does this compare with Xigmatek Dark Knight I wonder?
92mm millimetre fan, not designed for 1366, 360 grams only, go figure.
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Swamp Monster
92mm fan - not so good. Maybe as a replacement of stock cooler if it really is quiet, but again 92mm fan:shadedshu.

anyway, need to see some reviews.
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The success of this particular cooler will determined by it's price/performance ratio, rather than the performance alone. For a long time the stock cooler "replacement" segment (the 92mm fan tower coolers) have been dominated by Arctic Cooling's Freezer 7 Pro. It will be very hard to dethrone the Freezer 7. Even more now that there's more competition with Xigmatek's Loki SD963 and the new AC Freezer 13.
Kudos to Zalman for still going for it. I will be waiting for the reviews.
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Bird of Prey
I wish they would experiment with DHT. This cooler looks like a nice OEM Replacement but not much for OCing even a good dual core.
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