Friday, February 25th 2011

Enermax Readying 80 Plus Platinum Compliant 900W Modular PSU

Enermax is ready with a high-wattage power supply unit (PSU) model that boasts of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating, which the company will launch at the CeBIT event. Known as EXX900, the 900W modular PSU will be able to deliver at least 91.07% efficiency at 20% load; 92.51% at 50% load; and 90.12% at 100% load, qualifying for the coveted Platinum rating, making it ideal for high-end PCs with 2~3 graphics cards. Following CeBIT, Enermax' new EXX900 should reach stores.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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12 Comments on Enermax Readying 80 Plus Platinum Compliant 900W Modular PSU

Good stuff but being Enermax it will be dear.
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bear jesus
Nice to see more 80 plus platinum PSU's.
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Nice product from Enermax. :toast:
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Nice but im not looking for a psu and havent for many years!

im still rocking my enermax galaxy 1000W 5 years on, and it hasnt missed a beaty and still looks sexy ;)

I always recommend getting a top-end high wattage psu as it will last you longer than anything else in the case (besides the case hehe) and leaves room for expansion
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Lab Extraordinaire
100 plus rating are next up :laugh:
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Hopefully this will motivate others to follow suit. I could never stand their gravel paint.
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Bo$$ said:
100 plus rating are next up :laugh:
solar powered netbooks will be the next big thing... plug them in to the wall socket to power your desktop :P
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Performance Enthusiast
damn Enermax PSU's are fantastic.
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