Tuesday, December 6th 2011

Intel and Micron develop first-ever 128 Gb NAND Flash memory chip

Flash buddies Intel and Micron have today announced a significant breakthrough in terms of NAND density, the first 128 Gb (16 GB) MLC NAND memory chip. Manufactured on 20 nm process technology, this 128 Gb chip complies with the ONFI 3.0 specification (enabling speeds of up to 333 megatransfers per second) and can be used for new, high-capacity solid state drives, as well as for next-generation tablets, smartphones and other portable devices.

According to Intel and Micron, this milestone was made possible by the use of a new, innovative cell structure that 'breaks the scaling constraints of the standard NAND floating gate cell by integrating the first Hi-K/metal gate stack on NAND production.'
"It is gratifying to see the continued NAND leadership from the Intel-Micron joint development with yet more firsts as our manufacturing teams deliver these high-density, low-cost, compute-quality 20 nm NAND devices," said Rob Crooke, Intel vice president and general manager of Intel's Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. "Through the utilization of planar cell structure and Hi-K/Metal gate stack, IMFT continues to advance the technological capabilities of our NAND flash memory solutions to enable exciting new products, services and form factors."

IM Flash Technologies (the NAND joint venture of Intel and Micron) will have samples of the 128 Gb MLC chip in January and expects to start mass production in the first half of next year. In the mean time, the JV has ramped up mass production of its 64 Gb 20 nm NAND memory.
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12 Comments on Intel and Micron develop first-ever 128 Gb NAND Flash memory chip

Wow! I like the sound of that.:rockout: Hope this will bring down prices sometime.:rolleyes:

Welcome to TPU.
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good first story and still lovein the more news plan.

advances are coming thick and fast in nand flash tech which id say is the explosive new ground of pc tech ie even my pciex ssd revo2 bought 1 year ago is starting to look dear and slow damn
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When will we see it in consumer products and when will SSDs reach 1TB for $100?
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seronx said:
When will we see it in consumer products and when will SSDs reach 1TB for $100?
I'd estimate 2H 2012 for products. The $100 / 1TB SSD will take a lot longer.
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
I can only wait for the 500mb sec <50$ drives :(
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dont worry too much brandon.

I've got a 500mb SSD, while it's good, it's not life changing.

Hard drives are still fine once windows is up and running.
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sounds like ssd price drop for me.. cool
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I wonder what the write cycles will be at 20nm with these new chips.
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YAY first 128Gb (16GB)chip, wonder why they only used 16GB instead of 32GB or the almost ready 64GB that some other manufacturers has.
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seronx said:
when will SSDs reach 1TB for $100?
It will be less than 10 years. The problem is 10 years from now your storage demands will likely be much higher.
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