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MSI Announces GT780DX Gaming Notebook

What makes the GT780DX as the gamers' ultimate weapon? In terms of power, it features the Intel Core i7 quad core CPU and latest NVIDIA's top-end GeForce GTX 570M discrete graphics card with 3 GB of GDDR5 display memory, giving it superior performance, so you can enjoy smooth graphics even when playing the latest games in high resolution. The impressive performance also serves to greatly enhance game realism and make these machines the ultimate weapons for the extreme gamer.

Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales, MSI Notebook, explains that the latest GT780DX not only packs performance to keep the extreme gamer engaged, it also comes with a SteelSeries keyboard specifically designed for serious gaming. The new keyboard is much more rugged and the new design better meets the needs of extreme gamers to give you the edge in the heat of battle. MSI has also incorporated Dynaudio and THX TruStudio Pro envelope-pushing sound technologies for a riveting audio experience. Designed both inside and out for gaming, the GT780DX has got your back when you're hip-pocket deep in goblin blood.
Powerful computing for ultimate gaming
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570M high-end discrete graphics card with 3GB GDDR5 display memory: The latest powerful GT780DX gaming NB sports the nVidia GeForce GTX 570M discrete graphics card with 3 GB of GDDR5 display memory. They also feature large-capacity GDDR5 high-speed display memory coupled with nVidia's powerful display core, greatly enhancing performance and it supports Microsoft DirectX 11 and nVidia PhysX. PhysX delivers more impressive destruction and explosions, while DirectX 11 enhances the details of gaming graphics and offers unparalleled visuals.

Intel 2nd generation Core i7 quad core processor: MSI's GT780DX features the Intel second generation Core i7 quad core processor. To kick up performance a few notches, the new generation Intel Core i7 processor supports Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, a technology which automatically allocates processor resources in accordance with processor load, thereby enhancing the core speed of each core to maximize computer performance.

32GB of memory: MSI's new top-of-the-line GT780DX gaming notebook sports four DDR3 memory slots giving it an unprecedented 32GB of memory. It also comes with RAID 0 accelerated dual hard disk architecture which doubles hard disk storage capacity, while increasing read-write speed by some 70%.

TDE technology: The GT780DX uses MSI's own Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) technology, so just one touch of the luminescent Turbo hotkey located above the keyboard instantly revs up performance. The GT780DX also has MSI's own powerful Cooler Boost technology; so again, just one touch of the luminescent hotkey above the keyboard kicks in the powerful cooling function to rapidly reduce system temp to enhance system stability.

Fusion of craftsmanship and SteelSeries keyboard
Just plain cool looking: The exteriors of the MSI GT780DX gaming notebooks make you feel like you are at the controls of a starship and the matte black aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis adds an extra touch of class. What's more, they come with metal brush finish with layered luster and SteelSeries gaming keyboards with five LED backlighting modes. When the battle fleet sounds the call to battle, you can switch on the LED lighting to enhance that futuristic feel.

Windows function key relocated: Responding to cries from gamers, MSI got together with gaming equipment manufacturer Steelseries to create a keyboard for the GT780DX. Not only is the keyboard more rugged, the Windows function key has been repositioned to the right side to reduce the possibility of accidently striking it when you're surrounded by bad guys. Larger Ctrl and Alt keys: Most keyboards employ relatively small Ctrl and Alt keys, making it easy to punch a nearby key by accident when you're playing FPS games. The GT780DX' Ctrl and Alt keys were enlarged to reduce that possibility.

Backlighting for the task at hand: The GT780DX lets you choose from among five keyboard backlighting scenarios-Normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing, and Dual Color. Gamers will also appreciate the fact that the frequently used W, A, S, D, and Ctrl keys located on the left side of the keyboard are all backlit. Simply depress the Gaming Mode hotkey at the top of the keyboard to light up the LED backlighting at the bottom left side of the keyboard. The rest of the keyboard remains dark, so you can find the keys you need quickly even in the middle of a white-hot battle.

The ultimate digital multimedia center
High-end cinema sound: World-class leaders in sound technology from the Danish firm Dynaudio carried out countless precision calculations and studies to measure the best location and distance between user and laptop speakers to determine the ideal location for speakers on the GT780DX. The result: ideal line of transmission for sound waves for pure, crisp, faithful stereo reproduction to give you the perfect, obstruction-free multimedia experience. THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound offers performance heretofore available only in cinemas and works in tandem with the cutting-edge speakers, so that the GT780DX reproduces each and every sound faithfully, regardless of music or sound type. Full HD display: The MSI GT780DX sports a 17.3-inch full HD screen and comes with Cinema Pro technology for a crisper picture and richer colors. It also has an HD720p webcam, so you can engage in clear, hiccup-free video conferences with friends and family anywhere in the world.

Latest USB3.0 ports: The GT780DX comes with USB3.0 which boasts transfer speeds of 4.8Gbps-10 times faster than USB2.0, so a 25Gb HD film transfers in just 70 seconds. It also provides 80% more power for vastly faster charging speeds for external hard drives, flash drives, and other handheld electronic devices.
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Dang that thing has some power! Well except for the battery:roll:.
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Delta6326Dang that thing has some power! Well except for the battery:roll:.
9cell is good battery ... I think they should put 2 x 9 cell batteries .
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Jul 5th, 2022 09:09 EDT change timezone

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