Wednesday, January 18th 2012

Microsoft Finally Makes It Official That It Opposes SOPA.... As Written

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Early on, Microsoft was a quiet -- but definite -- supporter of PIPA. When it came to SOPA, however, apparently had concerns... though it never said anything publicly, until now. On the eve of mass blackouts and protests, Microsoft has released a weak statement about how it opposes the bill "as written," which is somewhat meaningless, given that the bill is about to undergo a revision any way. Notice, too, that they only say SOPA... and not PIPA? Is it really that hard for Microsoft to realize that the whole concept behind these bills is broken? Or is Microsoft just confirming for us that it's past the "innovation" stage of its lifespan, and now moved on to the death spiral of "protecting the way things used to be?"
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4 Comments on Microsoft Finally Makes It Official That It Opposes SOPA.... As Written

OOOh interesting snippet q haha, the redundant and lumbering leviathan of a tech giant microsoft is wimpering on about sopa now, at the last minute mind you.What do they say in japan "saving face?"
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Weaksauce from Microsoft
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Can see Bill Gates saying..."Row row fight tha powa!"

Bit hypocritical but I'm sure he'd do it with plenty of nerdy grace :lol:
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TPU addict
n-ster said:
Weaksauce from Microsoft
Yeah for sure, seems to me they only decided this because whats going on around the web.

Little to late for me to believe they mean what they say and just saying they are against it just because the people are.

MS trying to be crafty ?.. they should know people will see right though it with the PIPA. Maybe they will change their option later if this gets more out of hand ?.
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