Wednesday, March 7th 2012

SMART Modular Technologies Announces 64GB DDR3 Load-Reduced DIMM

SMART Modular Technologies ("SMART Modular"), a leading independent manufacturer of memory modules and embedded flash products announces its 64GB DDR3 load-reduced DIMM (LRDIMM). SMART Modular's 64GB LRDIMM is optimized for high-end servers and will be launching in Q2'12 to serve scientific, engineering, and financial computing applications that require high memory capacity and performance. Specifically, this product targets next-generation Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge server platforms for high-performance computing applications.

The new LRDIMM combines innovative module packaging technology leveraging off-the-shelf commodity DRAMs to provide the industry's highest density LRDIMM at the lowest possible cost. Highlighting SMART Modular's design expertise, the new 64GB LRDIMM utilizes a single JEDEC-compliant memory buffer chip, a dual PCB structure and a leading edge interconnect technology to provide maximum performance and density while achieving server-grade quality and reliability.
"We are very pleased to offer OEMs an industry-standard 64GB LRDIMM solution that enables them to run their servers at the maximum memory capacity and performance," said Mike Rubino, SMART Modular's VP of Engineering. "We are equally pleased to offer this solution at a competitive price by combining best-of-class technology with commodity DRAM components."

By selecting this LRDIMM solution, designers can populate all of the memory sockets in a system to their maximum density while operating at the highest data rates. SMART Modular's 64GB LRDIMM is configured as 4Gx72 with eight ranks using 8Gb x4 DDP DRAMs running at DDR3-1333. Using rank multiplication allows the LRDIMM to enable more ranks of DRAMs to be populated on the memory module and be seamlessly accessed by the CPU memory controller.
The new LRDIMM is currently under evaluation by multiple OEMs with volume production expected to begin in Q2'12. It joins SMART Modular's DDR3 product portfolio that is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. For additional information on SMART Modular's 64GB LRDIMM (SG8197LR310493MDNC) modules, visit
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So on the newly released dual socket 2011 servers with 24 dimm slots you can fit up to 1.5 TB of memory?

Seems a bit underpowered to me...
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I scoff at 1.5 TB of memory. SCOFF I SAY!
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