Thursday, November 22nd 2012

Club 3D Announces royalKnights CrossFire Bundles

Club 3D, a worldwide supplier of high performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, unveils today its new Crossfire bundles. To meet the demands of the most fanatic gamers, Club 3D has assembled 3 crossfire bundles. These bundles are cherry picked to bring you the best games, the best performance and the most fun. The crossfire bundles are:
  • The 2x Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition
  • The Radeon HD 7850 royalKnights
  • The Radeon HD 7870 royalKnights
  • Highly awarded Custom designed cooler
  • CrossFire tested for maximum compatibility subjected to our most rigorous testing
  • Reliability, 100% tested, verfied and RoHS compliant
  • Designed and optimized for Intel and AMD platforms
  • Built for powerful entertainment and productivity
  • 100% scaling increase in certain tests compared
The Crossfire bundles come with the best games. These crossfire bundles come with all the games normally bundled with the specific series, and adds the well awaited Hitman Absolution to the pack! Get more games, more power and more fun.

For more information, visit the product pages of Club 3D HD 7870 royalKnights, Club 3D HD 7850 royalKnights, and HD 7770 CrossFire Pack.
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6 Comments on Club 3D Announces royalKnights CrossFire Bundles

Editor & Senior Moderator
Prices are 2x [single cards] - 10%.
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I realy like that idea, if only we got this here in Australia? as i just bought 2 7870's, would of been nice to get them a little cheaper. :ohwell:
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Nice. Id buy it.
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Gaming Moderator
I wish other companies would do this! I imagine they would see more demand in this kind of package from most enthusiast buyers.
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hmm...i cant find them on several nline stores in EU!?! im guesing maybe around 400€!!
i would rather go for single 7970 or 7950....
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If they can provide a lower price point than buying two individual cards for your Crossfire setup, then I am all for the idea. Would appeal to the high end and enthusiast markets quite well I would imagine.

I would buy such a package deal, if the price was right, and if the idea was picked up by other manufactures since I am not a fan of Club 3D. Yet anyway. lol
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