Monday, April 25th 2016

Colorful Introduces the iGame Z170 Ymir-X Gaming Motherboard

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, proudly debuts its high-end gaming motherboard: the iGame Z170 Ymir-X for the latest 6th-generation Intel Core processors. As part of the iGame family of high-performance products intended for gamers and enthusiasts, this board sports the most sought-after features for the best gaming experience.

Sporting a rich arsenal of features, the iGame Z170 Ymir-X motherboard is built to let gamers experience the best from Colorful with powerful hardware built and designed for the most demanding gamers. Featuring 14-phase power delivery design for stable and reliable power delivery, complimented by 10K black gold solid caps and SANYO tantalum capacitors.
iGame Z170 Ymir-X Features
  • Robust power delivery - 14-phase power design built with reliable, high-performance components for excellent stability and reliability
  • KillerLAN - Killer E2205 gaming-grade network for optimal network performance and bandwidth traffic management
  • Gamer Voice - professional Hi-Fi audio system featuring 120dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) hi-fi chip for clear and high power audio together with Nichicon Japanese capacitors.
  • Clear audio output - dedicated USB audio ports for stable 5v voltage delivery for clear and distortion-free USB audio and gold-plated 3.5mm audio ports that can support up to 600Ω audio devices and improved lifespan.
  • Dedicated gaming peripheral ports -Experience highly-stable and responsive peripherals regardless of kind with dedicated keyboard and mouse ports powered by Fintek chips.
  • Everything at your fingertips - dedicated physical buttons on-board for maintenance (power on/off, reset, CMOS clear) and a one-key overclocking button to instantly boost performance by up to 20-30%.
  • U-Disk One-Key BIOS Update - flash your BIOS with ease by just saving your ROM to a USB drive, inserting the drive in a USB port and pressing the BIOS update button and you're all set.
  • Dual BIOS - protect your system with dual BIOS ROMs. Switch and recover from a secondary BIOS or maintain to different BIOS versions for maximum compatibility.
  • Support for high-speed storage - SATA Express and M.2 ports allow users to utilize the latest in storage technology providing more bandwidth and transfer speed than conventional SATAIII speeds.
  • Multi-GPU support - scale your graphics performance with both NVIDIA and AMD multi-GPU solutions to power the most demanding games. NVIDIA 2-way SLI and AMD 3-way CrossfireX supported.
  • User-customizable LED lighting - tweak the lighting of the audio area to your own style with user-customizable multi-color LED lights
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9 Comments on Colorful Introduces the iGame Z170 Ymir-X Gaming Motherboard

The Way It's Meant to be Played
Looks similar to the new X99 Gigabyte boards with all that plastic.
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Colorful makes boards? is this something new or market in my area is little slow?
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Looks practically indentical to the Gigabyte Gaming 7 too :D
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Huh, decent looking board and kinda understated which is odd by Colorful standards. That's one heck of a nice VRM though!
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Looks nice and has nice spacing for the PCI-e slots.
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As with ECS..I wonder if the BIOS is up to snuff?
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PC Gaming Enthusiast
"techy1 said:
Colorful makes boards? is this something new or market in my area is little slow?
It's not just you...I'm right there with you reacting in surprise.
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"techy1 said:
Colorful makes boards? is this something new or market in my area is little slow?
They've been releasing boards since LGA 775 and nForce day but, as they always been, exclusively to mainland China and Asia market.
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I like it when graphics card companies branch out, most of the times we have seen this happen was back when nvidia were building reference nforce boards like the 650 and 680 (EVGA, XFX, BFG and probably a few others were all selling identical boards for a while, though i think evga had previously built boards since nforce 3), Sapphire released a cool ATI chipset board with a white pcb around the same time too.

Interesting to see someone new (to the west) build boards for the sake of it, not just due to ties with a GPU manufacturer building chipsets
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