Tuesday, May 3rd 2016

ADATA Launches XPG Dazzle LED DDR4 Memory Modules

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of highperformance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, today launched XPG Dazzle,itsfirst line of LED DDR4 memory modules. The modules feature illuminated LED strips and DDR4 specificationsforan exciting look that complements their high performance and power efficiency. Utilizing patented LED memory module technology by AVEXIR, XPG Dazzle makes PCs much more eye-catching to meet growing demand by case modders, PC enthusiasts, and gamers for unique, colorful, and vibrant system builds.

XPG Dazzle LED DDR4 memory modules maintain and evolve the aggressive but sleek style of XPG products, featuring a tough outline, cool color combinations, and their own unique highlight in the form of a shining LED strip built into the heatsink. With a special design and alluring red LED, XPG Dazzle accentuates chassis appearance and revitalizes performance PCs, whether for overclocking, gaming, or pure case modding showcases. XPG Dazzle memory modules are available in different kits: 8GBx2, 8GB x4, 16GBx2, and 16GBx4, giving users greater flexibility when assembling high-end systems.
Perfect Combination of Performance and Stability
DDR4 outpaces previously-dominant DDR3 with improved performance and lower power consumption. Operating voltage has decreased from 1.5V to 1.2V, representing a 20% reduction in draw to keep systems cooler and promote more stable operation even during intense tasks such as extreme, high speed overclocking and gaming.

In addition,Intel XMP 2.0 implementation allows overclocking and tuning from the OS without BIOS changes, facilitating easier usage and enhanced system stability.Cooling remains a top priority for power users, and so XPG Dazzle uses unique Thermal Conductive Technology to improve heat dissipation towards stable operation. Modules feature 10-layer PCBs to improve signal transfer quality and further improve overall system reliability.

Top Quality Assurance
XPG Dazzle LED DDR4 memory modules are assembled using high-grade chips selected through a strict filtering process. They use finest-quality PCBs and pass rigorous reliability and compatibility tests that exceed those passed by mainstream memory modules to ensure top-notch longevity and durability. Like all ADATA memory modules, XPG Dazzle provides customers a lifetime warranty backed by excellent service for maximum peace of mind.
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"Extreme performance XPG Dazzle LED DDR4
ADATA will debut a new line of XPG DDR4 memory, dubbed Dazzle due to the inclusion of proprietary LED lighting inspired by high performance automotive headlights. The first Dazzle offerings are 4GB modules clocked up to 3866MHz. They cater to devoted gamers, overclockers, and case modders that seek a combination of top-tier performance and unique gaming-themed styling. The XPG Dazzle range implements LED lighting into heatsinks, literally illuminating desktop gaming PCs. Likewise, ADATA will launch its first XPG memory specifically designed for gaming notebooks in the form of XPG S1 2800MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM with support for XMP 2.0. These new modules feature a range of creative heatsink designs customers can choose from.

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Caring1Only red LEDs?
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ZoneDymoLed ones go faster
Damn it, I was going to say that,......

You got to it first,.... :)
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ZoneDymoLed ones go faster
LEDs are for 2010-2020 what flame decals were for 1990-2000 ...

I should add more LEDs to my car, free HP!
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I had ADATA RAM, mediocre performance at best.
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TPU addict
OMG why so ugly, best thing you could do with these is take those ugly heat sinks off.
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So if I'm trying to build the lowest
TDP computer I can, how does this help???
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