Monday, May 30th 2016

Phanteks Makes its Foray into DIY Liquid Cooling

Phanteks made its major foray into DIY liquid cooling, with the launch of two new CPU blocks, a new full-coverage VGA block for the GeForce GTX 1080, and a variety of fittings. To begin with, the company showed off two new untitled CPU water blocks, one features a bulged out frosty acrylic top, and the other a flat top with POM acetal inserts near the fittings area. Speaking of which, the company launched a boat-load of plugs, extenders, and compression fittings to go with these blocks. Lastly, the company launched its first full-coverage VGA block, with one designed for the GTX 1080.
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5 Comments on Phanteks Makes its Foray into DIY Liquid Cooling

crazyeyesreaper, post: 3466069, member: 68032"
these... look nice
Yeah, pretty surprising for a first go at it, isn't it? Nice looks, hope the performance is equally nice...
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Chief Broken Rig
I kinda want the second block... and to do a custom loop again get 5.25 bay res + pump bay and go to town
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The second block looks better to me, and appears to be solid, not flimsy.
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Those CPU blocks look so much like Heatkiller's. Not that it's easy to make something look fresh in that category, though.

Those GPU blocks look amazeballs
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