Saturday, June 3rd 2017

Cooler Master Showcases Portfolio of Mice and Keyboard Solutions at Computex

Cooler Master took to the stage on Computex 2017 showcasing its solutions for every gamer's needs, from the RGB-crazed one to the serious, twitch-shooter.

On to keyboards first, we have the Cooler Master Masterkeys PRO L RGB, which manages to fit both Cherry MX switches and a full RGB solution that can radiate 16.7 million colors. There's also on-the-fly macros and profile support, with the Fn key getting a whole lot of love. All in a sleek, minimalistic design, if you ignore the screaming LEDs. The Masterkeys PRO S is essentially the same, but lacking the number pad. The Masterkeys S, on the other hand, eschews the RGB lighting, lacks profile support and on-the-fly switching, and also ditches the number pad. The minimalistic design is somewhat destroyed by the bright, screaming, angry red WASD keys, but there's no denying you'll be hard-pressed to confuse them with other, non life-saving movement keys.
We now enter the mice area of this article, starting with the Mastermouse S, which features a contoured design and a special surface finish that helps with your grip. Its innards are powered by a 7200 DPI Pixart sensor, there's RGB lighting, Omron switches, and a special, Storm TactiX button that enables secondary functions.
The Mastermouse PRO L, on the other hand (eh) features a modular grip, being adaptable to users with a palm, claw, or fingertip grips by swapping the top cover of the mouse. There are also various texture solutions for the side contours of the mouse so you can get it just right, just for you. The Pixart sensor sees an upgrade to an adjustable 12000 DPI resolution (but who's checking, anyway) an on-board ARM processor to "ease the PC load", and full RGB capability, whilst still including the Storm TactiX button.
The MM520 is being touted as ideal for FPS and RTS games, which require "fast, aggressive movements", thanks to their lightning-fast response enabled by the 12000 DPI Pixart sensor, including ring finger rest for those stretched-out gaming sessions. Omron switches once again enable lightning-fast response and up to 20 million clicks durability, while this mouse increases the RGB lighting to a 3-zone solution. The MM530 sees an upgrade still to the MM520, with "larger-than-life accuracy" for your FPS games, though the only worthwhile inclusion is the usage of rugged PBT buttons.
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I own the Masterkeys Pro S RGB (Cherry MX Brown) keyboard and it is perfect (IMHO).
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I have the Masterkeys Pro S and it is the best RGB mechanical keyboard in my opinion. I don't think Raevenlord should be inserting his own opinions into techpowerup articles. This is a professional site not a personal blog.
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