Tuesday, November 28th 2017

MSI Releases TXE 3.0 Vulnerability Fix for Intel LGA1151 Motherboards

In order to avoid severe security vulnerabilities for the platforms, MSI motherboards now support the latest Intel Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) 3.0 for safer system protection. According to recent Intel comprehensive security review, security vulnerabilities are identified and could potentially allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to platforms features, secrets and 3rdparty secrets protected by Intel TXE. Therefore, Intel has validated and released Intel TXE 3.0 updates to address the encountered security situations.

Currently all MSI 100,200 and 300 series motherboards are supporting the newest Intel TXE 3.0 by updating to the latest BIOS and installing the latest software updates. MSI always places strong emphasis on security and anti-hack issues to makes sure all MSI motherboard users are operating under the most secure circumstances. MSI will continue to provide additional updates if necessary to ensure maximum platform security protection for users.
Visit the "support" tab in the product-page of your motherboard on the MSI website for the latest BIOS firmware update. This update is applicable to motherboards based on Intel 100-series, 200-series, and 300-series chipset.
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4 Comments on MSI Releases TXE 3.0 Vulnerability Fix for Intel LGA1151 Motherboards

Been checking since last month, still no update for my B150I Gaming Pro AC.
The latest version is v1.9 from May 2017.
MSI is really slow with BIOS updates. Last time they've announced Kaby Lake support on 100-series boards, and I only got an update 3-4 months down the road.
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checked last week: nothing, I complained, checked now: nothing for Z270
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Searched MSI site and forums. English forums= messy kiddy site. German forums= serious and nice :) There a representative said "300 series is addressed, in about 2 weeks 200 series will follow, then 100 series. This is official information".

Hope this saves you guys some time!
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Our prayers (sic) have been heard! Today a new Intel ME version (1043) and also network drivers are released as per the MSI update tool. No new BIOS.
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