Tuesday, April 3rd 2018

MSI Announces its H370, B360, and H310 Motherboards

MSI, the world-leading gaming motherboard brand, is ready to launch new motherboards together with Intel H370, B360, and H310 chipsets. To satisfy the need of more CPU cores in the mainstream and value market, MSI has prepared a great variety of motherboards in Performance GAMING, Arsenal GAMING and also PRO Series. This time, MSI motherboards are packed with brand-new unique features to both cater gamers and professional users, allowing them to do more with more cores by using MSI motherboards.

Furthermore, MSI is proud to announce MINING motherboards for those who are involved in mining activities. With MSI exclusive features specifically for mining, miners are able to maximize the mining efficiency.
Perform in Style: H370 Gaming Pro Carbon
H370 GAMING PRO CARBON, with a unique and powerful extended heatsink design using concept car and CARBON elements, offers unlimited customization options by using MSI Mystic Light. In addition, the new H370 GAMING PRO CARBON also comes with plenty of new MSI exclusive features, tailored to give gamers the best gaming experience.

MSI Mystic Light RGB
Personalizing PC with 16.8 million colors and 17 LED effects using a smartphone, tablet or Windows PC, Mystic Light extends the unlimited RGB experience and is also supported by the world's biggest hardware brands, such as Corsair, Cooler Master, Kingston and many more to ensure perfect synchronization of their RGB products, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones with MSI motherboards.

Twin Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield v2
Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely quick loading of applications and games with MSI's Twin Turbo M.2 slots with patented M.2 Shield v2. M.2 Shield v2 is the M.2 thermal solution to keep the M.2 devices safe and cool to prevent damage and thermal throttling. Maximize your M.2 SSD performance with Twin Turbo M.2 and M.2 Shield v2.

Intel Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2
Powered by Intel solution, Intel Turbo USB 3.1 Gen2 allows MSI motherboards to offer never before seen USB speeds with uninterrupted connection and more stability. Together with MSI exclusive X-Boost, your devices can be optimized for ever better transfer speed.

Blast Away the Competition: B360M Mortar Titanium
B360M MORTAR TITANIUM motherboards, combining military concept with titanium-scheme look and feel, provide stronger, tougher and heavier design with larger extended heatsink and solid components for excellent stability and reliability.

Extended Heatsink Design
In order to support processors with more cores, , MSI extended PWM and enhanced circuit design ensures that even high-end i7 CPU can run at full speed. This design can also avoid thermal issues and keep the temperature lower.

Customized Sticker Area
MSI Arsenal GAMING motherboards allow you to customize with unique stickers. With various designs offered by MSI or from your own imagination, you can choose your favorite stickers styles for your heatsink cover.

Core Boost
Combining premium layout with optimized power design, MSI motherboards offer faster and undistorted delivery to the CPU at pin-point decision. Core Boost not only helps support multicore CPU but also creates the perfect conditions for processors.

5X Power Supply
For better quality of power delivery, MSI B360-F PRO supports up to 5x 24 pin power connectors. Together with the packing accessories - 4x exclusive adapters, combining all the power supplies is never a difficult issue since all you need is just one click to boot without concatenation.

Diskless Boot
Miners do not need to maintain the operation system for each mining machine by using MSI Mining motherboards, which can save cost from the hard drives and provide best security way for crypto currency storage.

Mining Management
Specifically designed for Mining, MSI Mining motherboards feature customized Mining BIOS and built-in slot detection. With default Mining Mode, miners can maximize mega-hash rates with MSI exclusive BIOS setting and auto detect PCI-E slots status for more convenience.

Other MSI Exclusive Mining Features
MSI Mining motherboards offer Mining Guard to manage mining activities without screens and tons of tools to give miners immediate assistance, including decoupling capacitor to reset and power up/down easier, EZ Debug LED to indicate the source of problems, and Mining LED for each PCI-E slot status.

Model List
Intel H370 Express:
  • H370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • H370 Gaming Plus
  • H370M Bazooka
Intel B360 Express:
  • B360 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • B360 Gaming Plus
  • B360 Gaming Arctic
  • B360M Gaming Plus
  • B360I Gaming Pro AC
  • B360M Mortar
  • B360M Mortar Titanium
  • B360M Bazooka
  • B360-A Pro
  • B360M Pro-VDH
  • B360M Pro-VD
  • B360M Pro-VH
  • B360-F Pro
Intel H310 Express:
  • H310M Gaming Plus
  • H310M Gaming Arctic
  • H310M Pro-VHL
  • H310M Pro M2
  • H310M Pro-VDH
  • H310M Pro-D
  • H310M Pro-VD
  • H310M Pro-VH
  • H310M Pro-VL
  • H310I Pro
  • H310-A Pro
  • H310-F Pro
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3 Comments on MSI Announces its H370, B360, and H310 Motherboards

that all white Arctic one is gorgeous, so mad they did not provide that for a Z370 board at a decent price... I'll never understand the marketing of these companies. sigh.
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The MSI mining board looks like a copy of Asus's mining board, minus a 6 pcie x 1 slots (which have unpopulated sockets on the MB).
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The MSI mining board looks like a copy of Asus's mining board, minus a 6 pcie x 1 slots (which have unpopulated sockets on the MB).
the white one is so gorgeous... I really hate MSI for not making that into Z370... such crap. grrr. my vengeance, shall be buying a different brand!
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