Tuesday, October 9th 2018

ASUS Introduces new Prime X299-Deluxe II and ROG Dominus Extreme

Intel's high-end desktop platform raises the stakes with updated Intel Core X-Series processors that boast a lot more of everything, including cores, cache, bandwidth, and more. The additional processing power plows through CPU-intensive tasks, while the extra bandwidth lets you add more GPUs and NVMe SSDs to accelerate a wider range of workloads.

Anchored by the X299 platform, this upper echelon scales up to 18 cores with the new Core i9-9980XE. It's now joined by an even more exclusive chip with 28 cores and an entirely separate platform that redefines extreme desktop PCs. We have new motherboards designed to exploit the strengths of each CPU. The Prime X299-Deluxe II gives professionals and power users a flexible foundation for serious work and it is not alone, ROG engineers are also working on a new Rampage motherboard geared toward hardcore gamers and overclockers, while the ROG Dominus Extreme shows what's possible when our engineers have the freedom to go beyond traditional boundaries
ASUS has also released BIOS updates for existing X299-series motherboards, adding support for the Intel Core X-Series processors family. The latest BIOS updates are now available for download from the official ASUS website.

Get the most out of all your cores with the Prime X299 Deluxe II
Unlike with our last generation of X299 boards, the Prime X299-Deluxe II drops support for four-core Kaby Lake-X CPUs to focus on providing the best experience for chips with higher core counts and more connectivity. With up to 18 cores, four memory channels, and 44 PCIe lanes, these processors demand a lot more juice than typical desktop CPUs.

Higher power requirements are balanced by beefier heatsinks that carefully balance mass and surface area to maximize thermal dissipation. The VRM cooling has enough headroom to push CPUs beyond stock speeds if you want even more performance, and our 5-Way Optimization software makes it easy to get the most out of your individual chip and cooling. Effective cooling arrives with Fan Xpert 4 that can automatically adjust RPMs based on input from a range of sources, including onboard sensors, wired thermistors, and even the GPU diode on select graphics cards.

Deluxe in every sense of the word
High-speed external storage is required for many workstations, so the Prime X299-Deluxe II integrates Thunderbolt 3 with up to 40Gbps of aggregate interface bandwidth. The rear I/O panel has dual Type-C Thunderbolt ports that support data in addition to DisplayPort 1.4 output. Since this processor platform lacks an integrated GPU, you need to connect your graphics card to one of the dual DisplayPort inputs on the motherboard in order to use a Thunderbolt monitor.

Next-level networking brings higher speeds to both wired and wireless connections. The Prime X299-Deluxe II features 5G Ethernet from Aquantia that offers five times the throughput of traditional Gigabit Ethernet, which is also available via a secondary LAN port. Intel provides the gigabit-class integrated 2x2 802.11ac wireless card and Bluetooth 5 is part of the package, extending wireless support to peripherals.

Onboard Crystal Sound 3 audio combines a shielded codec with premium capacitors and a special de-pop circuit and power pre-regulator to produce clear output that lives up to the name. The 120-dB output SNR speaks for itself, and the 113-dB rating for input is great for streaming and recording.

The center of the board is dominated by a large 2" LiveDash OLED. It's positioned for easy visibility and capable of showing vital system stats like clock speeds, temperatures, and voltages. For a more personalized touch, you can add text and custom images, including animated GIFs.

Additional monitoring is possible using the board's new ASUS Node connector, which offers a bidirectional interface with lots of potential for DIY components and builds. The Fan Extension Card II included with the motherboard already connects via Node. In addition to supplying extra headers for cooling, it has three for additional RGB strips.

The ROG Dominus Extreme redefines extreme desktop motherboards
Core X-Series processors are designed for high-performance desktops, which is why they're much more capable than standard desktop CPUs. Intel's new lineup now includes a Skylake-X based chip with 28 cores for the ultimate PC. We designed the ROG Dominus Extreme around this processor.

Everything you'd expect from ROG except more
This board is all about applying ROG sensibilities on a much larger scale. Despite the fact that it occupies a massive 14" x 14" EEB form factor, there's no room to spare. The socket is flanked by a dozen DDR4 DIMM slots with support for up to 192GB of RAM, and the memory is bookended by dual DIMM.2 modules with room for four NVMe SSDs between them. Dual U.2 ports provide connectivity for additional NVMe drives, while four PCIe x16 slots line up for a stack of graphics cards. To bypass bottlenecks, that's all connected directly to the CPU.

Supplying such a potent platform takes enormous power, which is why you can connect two PSUs. Among the nine EATX power connectors, six are devoted exclusively to 12V power. A staggering 32 power phases stretch across the full width of the board, and they sit under a large heatsink with stealthy active cooling. Four fans are hidden inside and only spin up when thermals demand. The rest of theonboard cooling is tailored for custom liquid loops, starting with headers that support temperature sensing, flow monitoring, and leak detection for compatible CPU blocks.

Even the styling is a cut above what's available on other ROG boards. The armor is aluminum, which adds a more premium feel, and the LiveDash OLED uses a 1.77" color display. Aura Sync lighting punctuates the armor and I/O cover with an easily customized glow that also extends to four headers for RGB strips. This all-black beast doesn't need illumination to look good, but don't expect stealth mode to turn it into a sleeper.

Support for wicked-fast 10G wired networking reinforces the platform's enterprise roots. Gigabit-class WiFi is included as well, along with ROG's latest SupremeFX audio. The board even has the new ASUS Node connector for our latest cooling expansion card and other compatible components.
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20 Comments on ASUS Introduces new Prime X299-Deluxe II and ROG Dominus Extreme

Crazy zookeepster
The x599 series makes me moister than a 12 year old girl who can smell Justin Bieber from the golden circle
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Second last picture of the Dominus Rex Ohh.. ROG has a bent pin on one of the headers
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Lock that board.
Now again ASUS made nicest board ever launched.

ASUS is amazing. No matter if I met with problems or RMA in future I will stick to their motherboards.
This is... I don't know what to say... This is humiliation. ASUS litterary terrotized other motherboard vendors, push boundaries, make standards, after year of two we see their details on other high end boards. No comment.

Only is sad that we can't install some 500-600$ CPU in such motherboard.

Name is proper Dominus for domination.
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I'm guessing the ROG Dominus Extreme cost at around $1200 to $1500.

The Intel 28-core unlocked? $4000 and up.

Add (2) 1000watt PSUs titanium efficiency of course, ya know to save some money on the power bill. lol :p
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9800x looks interesting, 44 pci lanes and not limiting it to the expensive 7900x upwards, looks like the threadripper effect has kicked in - I'll get a nice upgrade perhaps : )
Xx Tek Tip xX9800x looks interesting, 44 pci lanes and not limiting it to the expensive 7900x upwards, looks like the threadripper effect has kicked in - I'll get a nice upgrade perhaps : )
Yeah, the artificial limitation of the PCI-E lanes was infuriating. I had a 6800K, and now a 7820X, and of course I am limited to just 28 lanes from the CPU on both platforms. At least Intel came to their senses and truly made the entire HEDT lineup now consistently better than the enthusiast desktop lineup in terms of the platform.
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LMAO Asus making a killer looking board then bring back IDE connectors .... o_O , I can now connect my IDE 20MB HDDS again.
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Ferrum Master
Live OR DieLMAO Asus making a killer looking board then bring back IDE connectors .... o_O , I can now connect my IDE 20MB HDDS again.
What are you smoking?
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Now we need not just one but two PSU to combat the power requirements of a CPU. :toast:
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Ferrum MasterWhat are you smoking?
It's was a joke mate, the two psu 24pin connectors next to each other like that look like old IDE connectors....
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Electric companies will have a party after their profits soar with these kind of desktops LOL
Xx Tek Tip xXElectric companies will have a party after their profits soar with these kind of desktops LOL
Can you plug both psu into 1 breaker? At 15 amps 120v 60hz?

I think they celebrated when cryptocurrency came around and gained main stream attention :p
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......... seriously.......

...bring me Thanos.......
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It's sad to see that Asus still haven't learned how heatsinks work. Just give us large fins without anything covering them.

Also, please stop putting those SATA connectors pointing to the side.

I assume there will be "WS" models as well, do it right this time.
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The zenith looks 10x better the rog eye looks 90's silly on this board. I just dont like the way it looks. i think all the ram slots etc have people excited. Their new 390 boards shown yesterday by jj look better. This looks slapped together by comparison. And that tiny fan is ALWAYS bad news its never done right... like ever. Early 2000s design fuzed with leftover parts. I just think it isnt their best i got the exact opposite impression.
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Sabishii Hito
Anyone else notice that one picture of the Prime Deluxe II shows 2x 8-Pin EPS power connectors while the other shows one 4-pin and one 8-pin? Which is it, Asus???
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Vlada011Only is sad that we can't install some 500-600$ CPU in such motherboard.
500-600$ cpu? people wish that 28c56t would cost that, there's no way in hell it will cost that much when the new 9980xe is going to cost 1979$
any info on the x299 prime deluxe ii release date?
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That 299 in its name, is that price?
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qlooneyany info on the x299 prime deluxe ii release date?
i would also like to know when the relase date for the deluxe ii is. thank you!
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