Thursday, October 11th 2018

MSI Intros X299 MEG Creation Motherboard

MSI drew more than a few eyeballs at Computex 2018 when it showcased the X399 MEG Creation motherboard for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. With the advent of "new" Skylake-X Refresh processors by Intel, the company has a new high-end motherboard with the X299 MEG Creation. MSI appears to have toned down on the design from its X399-based product, although you still see the metal waveform design along the chipset heatsink that's contiguous with M.2 SSD heatsinks, the VRM heatsink, and the rear I/O shroud. The board draws power from a combination of 24-pin ATX, and two 8-pin EPS power connectors, conditioning it for the LGA2066 processor with a 14-phase VRM.

Expansion slots on the MSI X299 MEG Creation include four PCI-Express 3.0 x16, from which three are wired to the CPU, and the fourth one to the PCH. Between them are three M.2-2280 slots with PCI-Express 3.0 x4 wiring, each. You can add up to four more M.2-2280 SSDs with the included M.2-Xpander Aero accessory, which is a 4-slot M.2 riser with air-cooling, which made its debut with the X399 MEG Creation. Another star attraction with this board is Realtek 2.5 Gbps Ethernet, alongside an Intel i219-V powered 1 GbE interface, and an 802.11 ac + BT 5.0 WLAN. Another interesting accessory is the ThunderboltM3, a Thunderbolt 3.0 card with two type-C ports, and two DisplayPort connectors, for daisy chaining your displays. Storage connectivity, besides the seven M.2 slots, includes eight SATA 6 Gbps ports, and a U.2 port. This board could be priced around the $500-mark.
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Is just amazing! I love MEG Creation line up.
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Ooof. This looks amazing in every way possible.
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too bad you can buy this only : M.2-Xpander Aero accessory, which is a 4-slot M.2 riser with air-cooling
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Good lord they actually put in the kitchen sink,......

Now how much would you pay,..... :)
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Alright I found my upgrade path.
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Almost makes me want to go MSI... even though my SM board works perfectly fine.

But if I did that, I'd probably sink myself further and get an MSI gpu to match. :p

edit: I guess the tradeoff for all of those M.2's is my board has 10G.. but I don't use it currently anyhow.
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Question, the term "MEG" seem to have come out of nowhere, what's it stand for?
Mining-Engineering-Graphics maybe?
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StrayKAT, post: 3922420, member: 174092"
MSI Enthusiast Gaming apparently..
Must have missed that.. :rolleyes:
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