Tuesday, May 28th 2019

Colorful Brings it Shiniest New Toys to Computex 2019

Colorful always believed in shock-and-awe to market their overengineered graphics cards and motherboards; and the company did not disappoint this Computed. We saw their new iGame RTX 2080 Ti Kudan, a 5-fan monstrosity that could very well be the heaviest graphics card ever built. A triple-slot, triple-fan air-cooler copes with some of the heat from the GPU, all of the heat from the VRM and memory; while most of the heat is dissipated by a closed-loop liquid cooling solution that uses a massive radiator that's almost as big as a standard 360 mm x 120 mm, but only has two 120 mm spinners, and 1/3rd of its body made up of a coolant reservoir and integrated pump. The block over the GPU is entirely metal (both base and top), so it could shed some of its heat onto the card's heatsink. How fast is it? Well, out of the box it's a damp 1545 MHz, but has a "one-click OC" to 1815 MHz.

Also introduced is the iGame RTX 2060 Neptune OC and RTX 2070 Ultra OC. Unlike its bigger sibling detailed above, these cards rely entirely on a closed-loop liquid cooling solution to cool all its components (GPU, memory, VRM). A base-plate pulls heat from all hot components, and carries it to a pump-block, which pushes heat onto a 120 mm x 120 mm radiator with a single included fan. The card's "one-click OC" is set at 1755 MHz GPU Boost (vs. 1680 MHz reference) for the RTX 2060, and 1710 MHz (vs. 1610 MHz reference) for the RTX 2070.
We also caught the iGame RTX 2080 Neptune OC, which has a slightly bigger cooling solution, and uses a lateral blower to cool the card's VRM and memory; while the GPU is still handled by the CLC. This CLC, however, is connected to a larger 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. We also caught Colorful's recently announced CVN X570 Gaming Pro motherboard. This board packs a punchy CPU VRM, an enlarged VRM heatsink that extends all the way to the rear I/O shield, connectivity relevant to gamers, two 64 Gbps M.2 PCIe gen 4.0 x4 slots, PCI-Express 4.0 x16 slots, and a high-grade onboard audio solution.
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You never see Colorful products here in Canada which is a shame imo. I wouldn't mind the option.
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Colorful Brings it Shiniest New Toys to Computex 2019
toys indeed..... yep, and mostly in the form of fluffy, little-value add-ons to, or buzzinga'ed copies of, existing products and a splashy press release to act as the "cherry on top", as in, like, an ice cream sundae:D
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