Thursday, June 24th 2021

Microsoft DirectStorage Walled Off from Windows 10, Now Needs Windows 11 and DirectX 12 Ultimate GPU

Microsoft's ambitious DirectStorage API, which attempts to solve the storage bottleneck in games, facilitating faster game load times, has been walled off from Windows 10. To use it, games now require the new Windows 11 operating system, and a GPU that supports the DirectX 12 Ultimate API. This limits the GPU choices to NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 20-series, RTX 30-series, and AMD's Radeon RX 6000 series.

The other hardware requirement intrinsic to DirectStorage is for you to use an NVMe SSD that uses Microsoft's "Standard NVM Express Controller" driver that's included with Windows. Another hardware requirement that's baffling is that the SSD should be at least 1 TB in capacity. DirectStorage facilitates compressed game asset data to be transferred directly to the GPU from the storage device, and for it to be uncompressed by the GPU (using compute shaders), so there is a significant reduction in storage sub-system latency, and CPU utilization, impacting game load times.
Sources: Microsoft, dampflokfreund (Reddit)
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SirBWindows 11...smooth as butter. free too. And everything just works. Gave up on Xp did ya? lmfao.
Hmm, nope, went to win 8 at launch, then win 10 at launch... and no issues really. but Linux Mint works just fine for my personal needs, so I see no reason to go to Win 11. have a good one.
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Hardcore Games
Given how many games I have I am using Windows. My old Lenovo X230 handles by web portfolio.
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ZubasaIn theory Shader Model 6.0 is supported all the way back to GCN 1 and Kepler.
No, Shader Model 6.0 requires Feature Level 12_0 and WDDM 2.1 at the minimum. Kepler supports Feature Level 11_0 which only has Shader Model 5.1. The few GK110B-based Kepler cards have Feature Level 11_1 support but that doesn't change that much.
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