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HYTE Launches Y60 Mid-Tower PC Case - A New Angle on Design

[Editor's note: We have posted our HYTE Y60 review here.]

HYTE, the new PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER, today launched the new Y60 mid-tower PC case. Taking a new angle on design, the Y60 boasts a style unlike any other case available on the market.

The uniquely constructed Y60 ATX case features a three-part, bezel-less, tempered glass front and side panel that provides an unobstructed internal view from a left, right, or center orientation. When the glass panels are removed, chamfered molding on the ceiling and floor of the case draw the eye inward, creating a modern aesthetic and allowing the system to be displayed in an open-air format. Users will have the option to choose from three colorways, white and black, black and black, and red and black, to best fit the aesthetic of their setup.
"We designed the HYTE Y60 to be the modern reflection of personal computing," said Rob Teller, Lead Roadmap Architect of HYTE. "Remarkable from any angle and the perfect platform to create with."

Designed to exclusively mount and display the graphics card (GPU) in a vertical orientation, the HYTE Y60 comes equipped with a 4.0 PCIe riser cable to support the latest GPUs available on the market. To avoid unsightly PCB connections and to create a unified color scheme, HYTE has color matched the custom riser canopy to complement the outside of the Y60. Additionally, the Y60 allows for the installation of half-height expansion cards, capture cards, or PCIe SSDs behind the vertical GPU.

The Y60 was carefully crafted with a continuous ventilation pattern that flows over the top of the case, down the rear-side, and continues to the internal floor of the case. Three, 120 mm fans come pre-installed in the Y60; one in the rear for exhaust and two in the basement of the case to prioritize the cooling of the graphics card. Users will have the ability to mount radiators in two locations with compatibility of up to 280 mm on the side and up to 360 mm on the top.

With external dimensions of 456 mm (L) x 285 mm (W) x 462 mm (H), the unique angles of the Y60 make it possible for users to orient their system on the left or right side of a setup without compromising accessibility. The front I/O is located on the corner piece of the Y60 and features two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, and a 3.5 mm combo jack. The dual chamber layout of the Y60 simplifies cable management and provides the user with ample space to route and store unused cables.

For customers looking for an out of the box, plug-and-play experience, systems featuring the HYTE Y60 will be available through its sister brand, iBUYPOWER. Experience free, two-day shipping with the Gaming RDY Y60BG201, featuring the Intel Core i7 12700KF CPU, NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti GPU, Z690 motherboard, 2 TB M.2 PCIe SSD, 16 GB 3600 MHz RGB DDR4, 240 mm RGB AIO, and 750 W 80 Plus Gold power supply. For customers looking to personalize their system iBUYPOWER will offer custom configurable systems for a wide array of component selections.

Pricing and Availability
The HYTE Y60 PC Case is available for purchase immediately from HYTE.com and HYTE's global network of authorized retailers and distributors for a starting MSRP of $199.99 USD.

Systems featuring the HYTE Y60 will be available for purchase immediately from iBUYPOWER.com and its network of authorized retailers.
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6 Comments on HYTE Launches Y60 Mid-Tower PC Case - A New Angle on Design

I'm the only one
Very nice, at last a new style other than a box
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IDK $199 seems a lot for that amount of plastic. It looks like they cheaped out on a couple things. Its still a pretty case
Posted on Reply
Sp33d Junki3
DeathtoGnomesIDK $199 seems a lot for that amount of plastic. It looks like they cheaped out on a couple things. Its still a pretty case
All metal, plastic is just the dust filters.
Posted on Reply
Sp33d Junki3All metal, plastic is just the dust filters.
where does it say that?
Posted on Reply
MxPhenom 216
ASIC Engineer
DeathtoGnomeswhere does it say that?
Pretty sure its mentioned in the TPU review on the main page.
Posted on Reply

Take a 1995-ish boring-assed rectangular boxen, chop off 1 corner, and now you have it folks, a BRAND NEW CASE DESIGN for 2022........finally....hahahaha




However, I do like the vent slots, and the fact that the front I/O is on the bottom edge instead of the top, with USB-C too, so there's that :D :)
Posted on Reply
Jun 26th, 2022 00:21 EDT change timezone

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