Tuesday, October 14th 2008

Corsair Launches New Power Series Power Supply Line

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today a new line of economical, quiet, and energy-efficient desktop computer power supplies. Dubbed Corsair Power, the new series provides unprecedented features at a surprisingly affordable price point. Building on the tremendous success of previous Corsair units such as the award-winning HX1000W, the new Power series was developed using the same extensive engineering knowledge and rigorous testing to produce a best-in-class power supply for mainstream users.

The Power series is designed to offer the best performance available at its price point. Initially available in a 400 Watt model, the CX400W, the Corsair Power series delivers clean and reliable power. Additionally, the Power series features a large number of connectors designed for optimum compatibility with today’s PCs, attached to fully-sleeved cables long enough for some of the tallest cases on the market.

“Corsair is very proud to announce an entirely new product line for builders with lower power requirements,” said Jim Carlton, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair. “With the first product in the Power series, the CX400W, system builders who don’t need high-wattage power supplies finally have an inexpensive and high-quality solution.”

Due to its energy-efficient design and Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuitry, the CX400W is capable of delivering greater than 80% efficiency ratings, allowing it to run extremely cool and use very little energy, reducing its operating costs significantly. Cooled by a large, thermally-controlled 120mm fan, the CX400W can provide stable, continuous power while remaining whisper quiet.

The Corsair Power CX400W, CMPSU-400CX, is available immediately through Corsair’s world-wide authorized dealer channel, with a MSRP of $59.99 USD. All Power series power supplies are backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty complete with customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Xpress troubleshooting guide. For more information on Corsair products and technology, please visit http://www.corsair.comSource: Corsair
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8 Comments on Corsair Launches New Power Series Power Supply Line

regardless of how much it is and how good it is you really have to ask yourself who really uses a 400 watter other than people that just do normal desktop work ? looks tasty though =d
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My computer only uses around 340w @ 100% load ;) so i could use something like that in a 450w version
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interesting, who will be making these, Seasonic? If yes, than these could be very nice little PSUs. And is the Power line supposed to be the low end of Corsair PSUs?
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if it's anything like my Corsair 620w, it'll be a good buy :)
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Bird of Prey
was hoping for a little more oomph for them. These could be great for powering Video cards or Water/TEC cooling setups.
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WarEagleAU said:
was hoping for a little more oomph for them. These could be great for powering Video cards or Water/TEC cooling setups.
how does that work having a seperate psu for video cards? how does it start up ? seems like an interesting idea, i might toy with if i get the chance and a little bit of cash spare

and back on topic. I guess this just fills that gap beneath corsairs current range and is aimed at lower budget builds, yea they already have the 450w vx but why not one that can compete under that price, cause a lot of people still buy cheapy genric psu's believe it or not, otherwise the marketplace wouldnt be flooded with them, its just on tpu, we dont see THAT many people with them (we are educated and educate others here afterall :p)
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