Tuesday, December 23rd 2008

LG Comes Up With Energy Effecient, Easier to Read LCD Panel for Outdoors

LG Display has developed a new technology, which in outdoor environments, has the LCD to go into a mode which not only allows the screen to be seen more easily than conventional LCD displays, but also save power in the process. Currently one of the biggest drains on battery life for mobile devices is to power the backlight for the display, which is normally worstened in outdoor environments due to a need to increase the backlight brightness. The new 14.1 inch display from LG actually uses sunlight to illuminate the screen outdoors, the technology has been dubbed Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology and it will be available to see at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2009).

The technology makes use of selective reflection plates that are used in current LCDs to change from low luminance settings (used in doors or at night) to high luminance setting (used in direct sunlight). The LG LCD panel is the first LCD to offer a button that allows users to switch to outdoor reflective mode with the touch of a button.

When outdoor more is enabled the energy consumption drops to one fourth of the consumption when the backlight is in use. LG also says that the new LCD resolves visibility issues with a contrast ratio over 9:1 when used outdoors in reflective mode. LG claims that normal LCDs have a contrast ratio ranging from 2:1 to 3:1 when used outdoors.

LG VP and head of LCD Lab In-Byeong Kang said in a statement, "Our environmentally friendly, 14.1 inch LCD for notebook PC overcomes the challenges of extending battery life in use of notebook PCs outdoors where isn’t likely to be power outlets, while providing superior outdoor visibility."
Source: Dailytech
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This is why i like LG displays, they are sweet.
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Excellent. Let's hope they make 9-13" formats of this.

THERE IS ONLY ONE THING WORSE than poor contrast screens, and that's shiny reflecting non-matte screens.
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