Wednesday, April 1st 2009

Spire Announces VertiCool II Pro

Spire is officially introducing the release of the all new Spire VertiCool II Pro. This universal turn-n-lock mounting, high-performance cooler has everything that you could need. Featuring 45 stamped aluminum micro-fins thermally supported by 2 U-shaped 8mm thermally improved heat-pipes and all copper base for rapid heat transfer. Patented Turn-n-Lock EZ Installation is simple and tool-free, Spire 420 Thermal compound and multi language installation manual is included in the retail package. Supporting the latest Intel 775 & AMD AM2 and AM3 micro-processors, this towering cooler is a great pick for those upgrading their system with a modest budget.
Main Features:
  • Two 8mm all copper u shaped heat-pipes
  • All Copper heat-sink base
  • 45 Stamped micro-fins
  • UV-reactant 80x25mm BlueStar fan design
  • Amazingly silent at just 19.0 dBA
  • Turn-n-Lock; Tool-free and time saving installation
  • Supports the latest Intel & AMD micro-processors
Product Includes :
* Multilanguage Owners Manual * Turn-n-Lock, Toolfree Installation * Stars-420 Thermal compound

The VertiCool II Pro is tool-free compatible with all ATX based Intel 775 and AMD AM2/3 platforms.

The VertiCool II Pro is now available for direct shipping from Spire factory, global branche offices and partner distributors.
For more information, please use the email form on our Contact page, call one of our offices around the globe.
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2 Comments on Spire Announces VertiCool II Pro

The turn lock system doesn't seem all that great. Yes its very easy to install but along with that you have problems with smearing thermal compound and it doesn't apply pressure to keep the CPU flat so theres more unevenness on both the heatsink and CPU to worry about.
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That is what I thought too, but it doesn't say that the cooler should be turned... though its hard to think that the system would be on the mobo... but who knows... Spire hasn't done any great cooler product that I know of. I have (slightly modded) Verticool III on my old socket A rig... All copper but intermediate capacity, should try on phenom, what its worth.
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