Friday, October 2nd 2009

Radeon HD 5750 Pictured, Tested

A Chinese tech community member pictured, and tested a Radeon HD 5750 graphics accelerator, which is intended to be AMD's flagship product in the sub $150 market segment. Unlike the Radeon HD 5770, which is pictured with a different cooler that resembles that of the Radeon HD 4770 (AMD reference), and Radeon HD 3870, this card makes do with a GPU cooler essentially similar to that of the more common Radeon HD 4770 cooler design, except for a few changes with the fan and the cooler shroud. Under the black, egg-shaped shroud is a heatsink with radially-projecting fins, in which is nested a red 80 mm fan. Everything else on the card, relies on its air-flow.
With the cooler taken apart, we get the first glimpse of the Juniper graphics processor, the next-generation successor to the RV740. Although its package itself isn't very big, perhaps because it has lesser number of memory pins, the 40 nm die certainly is larger than that of the RV740. There are four GDDR5 memory chips surrounding it, and perhaps there are four more right behind them. A simpler 3+1 phase circuit powers the card, and power is drawn from a single 6-pin connector. This reference-design board is using GDDR5 memory chips made by Hynix. The output connector cluster is identical to those of the Radeon HD 5800 series accelerators, with two DVI-D, one HDMI, and one DisplyPort. Although the specifications of the GPU aren't out yet, the driver reports that it is clocked at 700/1050 MHz (core/memory).

Here's the interesting part, the performance figures unearthed by the previewer. The HD 5750 was pitted against Radeon HD 4850, HD 4770, and GeForce GTS 250. At 3DMark Vantage (GPU score) and 3DMark06, the Radeon HD 5750 outperformed both the Radeons from the previous generations, and edged past the GeForce GTS 250, which were tested on the same testbed. After 220 seconds of FurMark, the Radeon 5750 was chugging along at 70 °C, with an average frame-rate of 35 fps.

For screenshots of other accelerators used in this comparison, refer to the source. The Radeon HD 5700 series is expected to arrive around the same time when Microsoft releases its Windows 7 operating system. Source:
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35 Comments on Radeon HD 5750 Pictured, Tested

Nice. Cooler looks funny though :D
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I just said this aloud as soon as I saw that thing
WTF is that
That has to be the ugliest pos cooler I have seen on a card :eek:

It is a tiny card tho!
Resident Grammar Amender
[quote=Btarunr]... the Radeon HD 5850 outperformed both the Radeons from the previous generations]5850? D'you mean 5750?
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5850? D'you mean 5750?
Yea I noticed that too and was like :confused:

Good performance from such a small card, still fugly :ohwell:
Nvidia is progressively putting themselves out of GPU business if they don't release something quick, ATI will fill every market niche. Tesla supercomps and Fortran is nothing for gaming... and mock-up cards+spec sheets with no working samples... blah.
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man could they not make these Single slot coolers?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
If they have to make it single slot, the PCB needs to get longer, which again escalates costs. Single-slot coolers are expensive.
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Performance Enthusiast
small card, that's awesome, I bet two 1gb models in CF will do great.
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lol. looks like a reject :D haha :D
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seems like a nice performer for it's price.. but the design is ugly IMHO
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Yeah, it looks ugly, but I'm sure most of us have seen it before. It is the XFX cooler used on the 4870s, but as reference and on the 5750.

What cooler does the 5770 use? Same one?
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Excellent marketing! I'm certainly going to pay more for the 5770 and it's cooler :D
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so they did make a 40nm 4800 (20clusters chip).Since it's about 180mm I guess there room for prices to drop
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Super Moder@tor
Nvidia is progressively putting themselves out of GPU business if they don't release something quick, ATI will fill every market niche. Tesla supercomps and Fortran is nothing for gaming... and mock-up cards+spec sheets with no working samples... blah.
Why? In relative terms, over the next quarter NVidia will still sell more GPU's than ATi despite Cypress and then of course their offerings will probably be in retail, most consumer level GPU sales start fairly slowly with mainly just enthusisats taking the plunge within the first months of release, taking that into account plus the fact that whilst I acknowledge ATi/AMD have/are gaining ground, they still trail NVidia in market share...... AMD holding 18.13%, and Nvidia having 28.74%, Intel still holds top spot with 50% of all GPU sales as at end of Q2 2009.

I agree with you that AMD may continue to encroach on NVidia sales but I think thats as much the general trend of things over the last year as it is regarding the current new releases if that makes sense.
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Figures I'd go and buy a 4830 two days ago. :laugh:

Bah, I got a damn good price for it.
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the only thing i wish it had was a digital phase like the 5770
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Good that just like the 4770, no AIB follows the reference design.
This time is is actually good that no AIB should follow this dumb shit. :roll:
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The cooler looks like one of those Power Rangers morphing watches
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This looks like my next card :)
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come on Roph...borrow some money and get 5850 instead,,it will be so much worth it...too bad they made it take two slots :( looks fugly dont put it in a windowed case
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Not a Potato
This is very interesting. If it's around $100, it's mine.
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so its a little better than a 9800gtx+
If priced right could be a good buy
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The Exiled Airman
same exact cooler as on this card
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