Wednesday, January 20th 2010

Coolink Introduces Corator DS CPU Cooler

Coolink today introduced its new Corator DS CPU-Cooler. Featuring Coolink's exclusive Gapless Direct Touch (GDT) technology that allows for an all copper contact area, the Corator DS brings the concept of direct contact cooling to the next level by further improving heat transfer. Four large 8mm heatpipes, a dual fin stack design and a PWM controlled SWiF2 120mm fan are among the features that enable the Corator DS to achieve an optimal balance between outstanding cooling performance and quiet operation.

"True to our vision of innovating instead of following, we worked hard to strengthen the advantages of direct contact cooling and to eliminate its drawbacks", explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "Thus we're proud to introduce the Corator DS today, which is our first product based on Coolink's exclusive GDT-technology. Its innovative contact surface in combination with the other features allows us to offer a complete high-performance cooling solution at an attractive price point".
Coolink's exclusive GDT-technology gives the Corator DS a gapless all copper contact area to ensure superior heat transfer and even spreading of the thermal compound for excellent cooling performance with high-end processors or in overclocked environments.

Featuring wider fin spacing on the first of its two fin stacks, the Corator's asymmetrical dual stack design was fine-tuned for maximum airflow efficiency and quiet operation in combination with the supplied SWiF2-120P fan. Altogether, the Corator's 70 fins provide a surface area of more than 7500cm² for optimal heat dissipation.

The included fan is part of Coolink's renowned and awarded SWiF2 series, featuring a high-performance hydro-dynamic bearing for outstanding durability and superb running smoothness as well as an innovative 11-blade impeller design that provides excellent airflow, especially at low fan speeds. Thanks to the support of PWM, the SWiF2-120P fan can be controlled by the mainboard according to the current CPU temperatures and thus remains whisper quiet at typical usage, unleashing its full power only when really needed.

The package is completed by the new SecuFirm 2 mounting system for AMD (AM2(+) & AM3) and Intel (LGA775, LGA1156 & LGA1366) as well as a tube of Coolink's high-end Chillaramic thermal compound, making the Corator DS the ideal solution for everyone looking for excellent cooling performance at reasonable costs.

Pricing and Availability
The Corator DS is available immediately at a suggested retail price of EUR 49.90 / USD 59.90.
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29 Comments on Coolink Introduces Corator DS CPU Cooler

Wshlist said:
Direct contact, except it isn't, it's just a thin base, but telling lies isn't nice.
And I bet direct contact still beats it.
I bet it doesn't 5 euros! go go :laugh:

but in all seriousness thermal-right and noctua don't use direct touch and their coolers are the best performing air coolers on market.
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pantherx12 said:
I bet it doesn't 5 euros! go go :laugh:

but in all seriousness thermal-right and noctua don't use direct touch and their coolers are the best performing air coolers on market.
I'm not saying it's perfect, but a thin base would still create another contact layer, which they would to need to either solder or use thermal transfer material on, but in either case you lose compared to direct contact, so i expect (based on the invention of direct contact) that even with tiny gaps direct contact on the same cooler would make it perform slightly better.

But it's impossible to say for us really so those €5's remain on the table I guess :)
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Aye but you have to remember a base like this better distributes the heat, the pipes get heated from the side as well as the bottom.

So whilst yes there is a extra gap you get that as a benefit instead.

Both systems have their pros and cons I'd say.
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Bird of Prey
that base with the pipes and HDT is what Xigmatek needs to go to.
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