Tuesday, May 26th 2015

ADATA XPG Z2 DDR4-3400 Overclocking Memory Breaks New Record

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash application products, is honored to announce that its XPG Z2 DDR4 3400 computer memory is able to clock up to 4034MHz when used with an air-cooled msi X99A XPOWER AC motherboard. This creates a new overclocking world record for production line DDR4 computer memory.

In cooperation with motherboard manufacturers, ADATA strives to achieve the best performance in DDR4 memory compliant with the Intel X99 architecture. The XPG Z2 DDR4 3400 breaks the record with extremely high clock frequency of 4034MHz, impressing both gamers and standard CPU clock users alike with outstanding sustained performance, cooling and stability.
ADATA will cooperate with MSI to demo its XPG overclocking memory and X99 motherboards at COMPUTEX 2015 from June 2nd to 6th in Taipei. ADATA welcomes you to booth J0806 in Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F to experience the ultimate performance.
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9 Comments on ADATA XPG Z2 DDR4-3400 Overclocking Memory Breaks New Record

Dat heatspreader!
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Farmer Boe
Looks like this was done with a single stick to reach those speeds. Impressive clocks but lets wait till quad channel configurations can hit that....then we're cooking with gas.
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Will go well with tasteless asus boards and gaudy-gold Iphones.
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Will go well with tasteless asus boards and gaudy-gold Iphones.
Well, if You manage to stick it into DDR3 slot...
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this is like most OC events crap.
I suspect also only 1 ram stick is used, and not a quad configuration for which its made and use fore.

Run the sticks on a platform without disabling anything and just OC the heck out of them, then lets see.

Btw nothing a won by using anything over 2400Mhz on DDR4 in a realworld enviroment, so this is just a fart in a pocketlight.
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Right, and how is this press release backing up that claim?

- No reference to any ranking ("Where are they #1?")
- No system picture ("How can we check the cooling?")
- No frequency verification - not even the CPU-Z!
- ... and we all know DDR4 frequency validations can be faked

There are tens of thousands of overclockers who enjoy part-taking in the competitive aspect and provide as much verification as possible to back their result up. To see a company as big as ADATA taking the piss, I find discouraging. You can say what you want about the "extreme overclocking" results, but at least they are backed up with tons of verification material (video, photo, validation links) + references to leaderboards and rankings.

Speaking as an administrator of HWBOT, it's painful to see that this kind of poorly documented overclocking "record" is worthy enough to appear on the front page whereas an initiative like our World Tour which attempts to bring together communities at overclocking events is dismissed. Of course I am speaking for my own here, so take this frustration for what it is - I just don't enjoy overclocking being treated this poorly.

Just my 2c :)
Ha ha, as they will be at Computex to perform more oc, we are sure now that you will be behind to officialy validate xD
But yeah lack of memory cpu-z for latencies ... CAS 35 ? x)
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I don't know about the 'air-cooled', but I can foresee this happening under LN2.
If we can fake a moon landing, then why not some memory speeds!
Okay, we really did land on the moon and the evidence against the moon landing IS the conspiracy theory!
I found some pictures of the CPU-Z memory speeds and latencies, as well as a picture of the moon landing, it must be true!

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