Wednesday, February 8th 2017

AMD's Ryzen R7 8-core, 16-thread Processor Prices Outed for Europe

A Spanish-based hardware site has just outed what they claim to be AMD's upcoming R7 Ryzen chips' pricing, and if true, these seem to spell a spectacular amount of value (if performance is at the rumored and expected range, naturally).

As it is, the prices cover only three models of AMD's overall Ryzen line-up, namely, the R7 1800X, the R7 1700X and the non-X, R7 1700 (all 8-core, 16-thread parts). According to the source, these chips will feature base clocks in the order of 4 GHz for the 1800X; 3.8 GHz for the 1700X; and 3.7 GHz for the 1700. Overall european pricing (including taxes) is set at €599.99 for the 1800X; €469.99 for the 1700X; and a "measly" €389.95 for the 1700. As always, you can expect US pricing to be even more competitive; perhaps a $349 pricing for the 1700 chip (which also carries a 65W TDP to boot).

From this, and considering all AMD Ryzen processors will be multiplier-unlocked, we can surmise that the 1700 should be quite a steal at this pricing. And this also bodes well for AMD's upcoming 6-core, 12-thread R5 processors - status-quo upsetting at an affordable price-point, anyone?
Sources: elchapuzasinformatico, Reddit user pheder
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73 Comments on AMD's Ryzen R7 8-core, 16-thread Processor Prices Outed for Europe

4.0Ghz of base clock for the R7 1800X sounds epic!
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uuuaaaaaa4.0Ghz of base clock for the R7 1800X sounds epic!
If true i wonder what's left gfor the oc potential
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8 core, 16 threads at 4GHz for 600€, that's a great value. If sources are true, these are gonna sell like hot cakes.
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The question then is, is this cheap enough for all the ones expecting a really really low price on these ones?

If the performance is competitive it seems like the pricing is fair.
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IF true, I think the most important detail left out here but found in the original article is that the R7 1700 has a TDP of 65W.
(8 cores 16 threads@3700MHz@65W?!)
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6 cores arround 320$? :rolleyes:
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I hope we don't get a Bulldozer deja-vu..
Assuming we don't, that 1800X at literally half the price i had to pay is sure something to think about.. i hope they will be as good as they hype them for. 'Bout time we got back to the Athlon days :D
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Pricing looks right about where I hoping it would be. I'm in, as long as it's faster than my current 4670k. Here's hoping...
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Isn't it strange that 4 GHz boost for the 8C/16T has suddenly become 4 GHz base clock? Take this news with a bucket of salt.
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PC Gaming Enthusiast
krukIsn't it strange that 4 GHz boost for the 8C/16T has suddenly become 4 GHz base clock? Take this news with a bucket of salt.
AMD even specifically stated those speeds were pre-production test samples and would change.
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A win in the rumor mill today. US$600 is right where the top of the line 8c16t chip needs to be to disrupt. You must have an overclockable part for $450.

But, I agree now speculating a base 4GHz clock... I am a tough cookie but don't expect that for an 8c16t cpu. A base of 3.5 with limited core boost to 4.0 would be perfectly acceptable.
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Why does the third image show clocks of 3-3,6GHz then?
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OctopussWhy does the third image show clocks of 3-3,6GHz then?
Because it is from another rumor from a few days ago from a completely different source.

These are probably the max all core turbo frequencies and not the base frequencies. I image the actual base freq are more like:

1700 3.4 GHz - 3.7 GHz
1800 3.5 GHz - 3.8 GHz
1800X 3.6 GHz - 4 GHz

I also stick to the rumor I started that the "PRO" tag is for units with AIO cooler solutions.
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Eknex6 cores arround 320$? :rolleyes:
6 core pricing isn't mentioned.
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There are only 3 types without a "PRO3 or an "X"; meaning these are the baselines for R/I3 - R/I5 -R/I7. Seeng the "low" pricing for the regular 1700; but still above i7-7700(?); they must be DARN SURE that they will outperform intel.

Which is a good thing, forcing Intel to turn-up the heat in quality instead of quantity and lowering pricing.

The Hype Train has arrived people, time to jump on, it´s not going to crash it seems.

With the 480 and Ryzen alone, AMD would´ve done superb.
VEGA now just needs to perform "OK" to give people the incentive to go full red. And as long the hypetrain is on track, people will jump on.
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Evo856 core pricing isn't mentioned.
Well if the leak is true, can't charge more than the 8-cores unless there is something wicked going on with the clock speed.
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Let's hope those clocks, prices and TDP are true because if so, we are in for a big price war and for the 1st time in the last 5-6 years, competition will give us better value for even better performance.
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Raevenlord€599.99 for the 1800X
Does not make sense or cents. €599.99 for a CPU that is to compete against Intel's €1,200 offering? €999.99? That's more like it.
Look, AMD is a corporation. A corporation that has been losing money for years. Their stock holders will demand that they sell their processors at the highest price they can get, which means just slightly less than similarly performing Intel offerings. I see the 1400X competing with the 7700K, (yes, I think that chart is wacked) so I think its price will be around $/€295. Then just scale from there. The thing is, Intel has nothing to compete with the 6/8 core AMD offerings, unless the user goes to the (expensive) HEDT platform.

Unless AMD is trying to make a case that Intel has been anti-competitive and over charging for their stuff for years........

Of course, this is all speculation...
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Nah, prices look O.K. to me. They primarily aim for people on a budget, not enthusiasts willing to spend thousands for a 2% performance gain.
Not to say that if they start doing well this won't change, but you need remind yourself, they first have to prove they can do it again. Been a long, long time since last time they had something to compete with :)

And irrelevant, but i wouldn't put too much weight in the frequencies.. we've seen that movie before. Again though, i do hope they rock the boat with these. We need some healthy competition.
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So far I have not seen anyone with an affinity for economics, so I will state their (AMD's) point of view. So far, we have seen a monopolistic economy of the HEDT.

This is changing right now. The highest price point of AMD is not that high because it is an inferior product but because they want to peel the market off of Intel. Check out the latest news for i5-7640k and i7-7740k. They exist for a reason.

Also, considering the 6c12t is equal to the 4c4t/4c8t, this must mean they have a
1) better yield
2) smaller cores
3) aspirations not to get a 75% premium for their products but a reasonable 25-30%...
4) feed the people with better products on the same price level, so, raising the bar and getting the market to know the AMD name forever.
5) ultimately erasing the "Intel is better" branding against AMD...

So, the reasonably lower pricing is pretty awesome in my opinion. Says the guy with a masters degree in finance and economics.

EDIT: Not to speak of the much-much better performance per watt.
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"Better products"? "Erasing the intel is better"? You're rushing, we've still no facts; ergo you're basing your opinions on hearsay and speculations. Pretty damning for someone with a masters degree, wouldn't you think? :)
Unless somehow you've had the luxury of being the first consumer in possession of a Ryzen cpu? Don't jump on the hype train, lol, wish them the best and call it a day there.
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Well, if these 8 cores are even halfway decent performers that's going to be a great buy! Its been awhile since we saw something really change in the CPU world and having some seriously affordable 6-8core processors that are actually pretty darn good in all things (Single threaded apps and apps that use all the cores) will be quite nice for everyone. We have had the 5820K (And its successor) at an ok price but this sounds like it will be even better.

Hopefully CPU tech will finally move along!
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I think $600 seems right and heres why. Intel is severely overcharging for the 6900k and can afford to drop the price a lot. If AMD comes in at 850-900$ then intel will just drop 6900k to 850$ also then AMD will turn around and go 750$ then intel will also. This is rough on both companies and makes the fans and consumers feel like the company hasnt been fair when they see the profit margins and also some people who paid 900 at launch and see it drop to 700 in a month or two will feel ripped off. I think they are Launching at this price cause they felt like this will sell a lot and Intel will struggle to match it.
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This is 6900K competitor that costs 600€. It's competing with a CPU that costs what, 1000€ ? I think prices are more than competitive. People aren't used to AMD having CPU's priced this high, but then again, for the last several years, their performance wasn't on the level either...
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Still waiting for a real world review....
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