Tuesday, March 28th 2017

Micron's QuantX-based Products to Ship Late 2017

While Intel has made some definite announcements and product launches of its own take on 3D XPoint technology with its Optane-based professional and consumer products, Micron has been a little late to the party on both. However, recent reports peg Micron's take on the new memory technology, under its QuantX brand, to ship later this year.

Micron is apparently taking a path that differs from Intel's though, in that it's looking to license its 3D Xpoint technology to other storage makers (not currently known which), in SSD or DDR-like formats, according to the company. However, these products will likely first target the enterprise space, with QuantX-based SSDs on the PCI-Express 3.0/NVMe protocols, with capacities of up to 1.4TB. Micron is aligning QuantX with emerging throughput technologies like Gen-Z, which could expand QuantX's reach towards the ARM server market, which has seen increasing interest in recent times.. The QuantX storage and memory will have their own dedicated controllers, sitting close to the CPU for quick data transfers, thus reducing potential bottlenecks.
Source: IT World
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Well yeah, micron brand for ssds are for workstations and server market. So when we hear news about Crucial QuantX drivers, then we have something which is coming to consumer space(And maybe some rebranded crucial drives like adata ones can offer those too).

3D Xpoint needs it's own memory controller too. So it needs to be some Jedec standard first, that some third party would make their own drives. Otherwise it would be just same parts with 3rd party pcbs.
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