Tuesday, February 13th 2018

Silicon Power Announces Its First PCIe Solid State Drives

Silicon Power (SP), a leader in performance memory solutions, today released the P32A80 and P32A85 PCIe Solid State Drives, a pair of leading high-performance and long-lasting devices in an already robust pool of SSDs.

For the New Creators Starting Out
The highly functional P32A80 and P32A85 are the ideal SSD solutions for high-end systems that are ready for a new level of performance and responsiveness. SP launches its first ever PCIe SSD, with designers in mind looking for large image rendering and intensive graphic editing capabilities, enterprises demanding high speed file transfer, fast boot-ups, and launches, and also musicians needing high volume recording and music library loading performance.
Calvin Ho, one of Silicon Power's Product Managers adds: "We're setting ourselves up to be the leading expert in PCIe trends and to deliver the most excellent performance and quality choice for our channel partners and customers who enjoy cutting-edge technology toys."

Better Performance Across the Board
SP evolves its standard of Solid State Drive performance with the latest PCIe technology, up to three times faster than previous SATA technology. Designed for easy installation in the thinnest notebooks, mobile applications, and PC desktops, SP's SSD maintains a small form factor. To contend with other SSD titans, SP has packed the P32A80 and P32A85 with a couple features:
  • Combined synchronous NAND flash chip technology and RAID support for superior transfer rates and boot times without compromising stability or data integrity
  • Equipped with the latest PCIe Gen 3x2 Interface for accelerated read/write speeds of up to 1,600/1,000 MB/s, supporting both NVMe 1.2 and Host Memory Buffer (HMB) to reduce power consumption
Solid Aim
SP opens 2018 with a sturdy expansion in the Solid State Drive industry. SP's aim is to lead the field with a performance-focused workhorse of an SSD built for top tier performance.
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3 Comments on Silicon Power Announces Its First PCIe Solid State Drives

The only difference is warranty?
Both use host memory buffering, which translates to DRAM less controllers.
In other words, these should be low cost NVMe drives, if the interface alone didn't give that away.
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If you buy a SP product- you deserve it.
That's my motto with this soon-to-be-bankrupt mess of a storage company.

Not too much personal experience (only 1 dead SSD) but managed piles of RMA before.
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Ill stick with my samsung m.2 that is double the read speed.

So, top tier my ass.
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