Thursday, May 3rd 2018

AMD & Intel Roadmaps for 2018 Leaked

Bluechip computer, a German IT distribution company, has inadvertently spilled the beans on AMD and Intel's plans for the remainder of this year, shedding some more light on a number of products whose existence was still somewhat marred in fog. The information comes straight from a webinar Bluechip presented to its industry partners - a 30-minute presentation which made its way to YouTube.

The information gleaned is a confirmation, of sorts, of AMD's planned launch of their Z490 platform in June; the B450 chipset coming a little bit later, in July (an expected product, in every sense); and AMD's second-gen Threadripper, a known-quantity already, which should accompany a X399 platform refresh.
On Intel's side of the camp, some ill-kept secrets have apparently been confirmed: the launch of the company's Z390 chipset, for instance, is expected to happen in Q3 2018 - some time after Computex, which might mean a relatively sparse landscape when it comes to teases and new product announcements based on Intel's upcoming top of the line chipset. Oh, and that unicorn of an 8-core Coffee Lake part is apparently being prepped for 4Q 2018, with silicon being moved to partner hands as early as June. Sources: AnandTech, Bluechip Webinar (since removed)
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You would think they would just name the boards after the cpu/chipsets. Must be hard work in there advertising departments.
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Live OR Die
Gasaraki, post: 3837609, member: 168493"
Actually Pentium 3 1GHz came out in Q1 2000. T-Bird 1GHz came out in June 2000. So no AMD was not first to 1GHz.

LOL, see what happens when AMD starts naming their stuff the exactly like Intel's stuff.
X399 is already "taken" by AMD so Intel can't do a X399.
There's nothing stopping Intel from using X399 its not trademarked.
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oxidized, post: 3837247, member: 170038"
If that's true AMD is being really childish
Well awesome! If building mad pc rigs isnt about being childish then idk what is. Gimme some red LEDs and a monster cooler with dragons or any other mythical beast on it! A gpu just as huge with as many fans as possible. And headphones twice the size of my head to make me feel like im wearing a helmet while I PUGB. Slap anything black with red LEDs or any RGB for that matter. Gotta also make sure my pc case is an open case or has a huge enough glass panel to show off my macho parts like a true pc hardware porno show. If PC gaming hardware doesn't make you feel like you're 5 then you probably aren't as big of a hardware fan as you think you are.
Allow the childish, Embrace the childish, Bring forth the childish!
Ok im done
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