Friday, May 24th 2019

ECS Introduces the Liva SFF 110-A320 Book-sized Mini PC Powered by AMD Ryzen APUs

ECS has introduced a new model into their Liva series of Mini PCs - this time, powered by AMD Ryzen APUs. The ECS LIVA A320 is a 1-liter Mini Pc (book-sized, according to the company, but I guess that depends on the books you prefer to read), and makes use of either an AMD Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 APU with up to 35 W TDP.

There's a lot to like about this little Mini PC that could, which ECS is marketing at light gaming workloads and all other content consumption and office-related shenanigans. There is a tooless design for easy upgradeability, 2x DDR4 support in the SO-DIMM form factor, internal support for an M.2 drive (which helps save space in such a small enclosure, even though a 2.5" HDD or SSD is still supported). A VESA mount means this can be installed in the back of a monitor or television for your content consumption needs.
Source: ECS Liva A320
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6 Comments on ECS Introduces the Liva SFF 110-A320 Book-sized Mini PC Powered by AMD Ryzen APUs

A few years ago they where thinking of making mini PCs also with AMD's APUs. Then they gone Intel only. I wonder $$$why$$$?
The fact that they feel the need to go AMD, means that AMD is gaining market share, or Intel is showing them it's love, by putting them way back in the waiting list for processors.
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I want one of these tiny little things with a thunderbolt port so i can use it with an external graphics card for a super portable VR rig.
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Looks nice, i just worry about cooling.
It would be a nice replacement for my old Thinkcentre NUC as long pricing is right.
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Looks like they got a truckful of first gen zen laptop APUs for cheap.
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Getting CPUs for this mini PC is not so easy as it may seem, due to the 35W TDP limitation.
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