Monday, April 12th 2021

GALAX Readies HOF-branded DDR5 Overclocking Memory

GALAX on Facebook announced that it is developing its next generation of DDR5 memory modules targeted at overclockers. The modules are possibly made under the HOF (Hall of Fame) brand, as the announcement comes from the company's OC Lab handle that markets its HOF series products. The announcement also comes with pictures of trays of DDR5 DRAM chips made by Micron Technology. With major DIY gaming/overclocking memory brands announcing development of DDR5 memory products, one wonders where the platforms for these memory modules are. It's rumored that Intel's upcoming 12th Gen Core "Alder Lake-S" processor in the LGA1700 package could feature a DDR5 memory interface. AMD's first client-desktop platform with DDR5 would see the transition to the new AM5 socket.
Source: GALAX OC Lab (Facebook)
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DDR5 ante Portas and hopefully early 2022 with better modules than 4800MHz CL40. 15-20 days ago we had DDR5 news from Samsung, now from Micron.
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It will take time for things to settle. DDR4 did not start with Samsung B-Die being the best for overclocking. Same will be true for DDR5. The good thing is that every generation of RAM has had atleast one series that overclocks better than the rest. But we wont know what that series is until DDR5 is mass produced by all major players.
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