Friday, October 15th 2021

Galax Shows off its Gamer RGB DDR5 Modules

DIMM designs by the various DRAM module manufacturers are always something of a personal taste thing and then there's the polarising issue of RGB or not. Well, it looks like Galax has worked on something special for its upcoming Gamer RGB DDR5 modules that is likely to cause mixed reactions, but we have a feeling they'll potentially be popular with younger gamers.

The new modules are expected to come in kits of two, ranging in size from 16 to 64 GB, with the 32 GB kit launching first. These are merely 4800 MHz modules, so there's not too much to get excited about there and no timings have been announced. However, these are the first customisable DIMMs we've ever come across, as the RGB LED strip at the top of the module is compatible with LEGO bricks, although presumably there's no official license involved here. Based on the fact that it's Galaxy China that has shown off these modules, they're unlikely to make an appearance in markets outside of China.
Source: Expreview
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35 Comments on Galax Shows off its Gamer RGB DDR5 Modules

Kids gaming these days are getting real young I guess.
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I'm the only one
I would deffo have these in my rig
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Kinda like Tetris? Looks cool tbh.
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They're really cool.
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Ugly af to me, but I'll give them credit for coming up with something original.
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Gotta admit, Lego compatibility is pretty cool
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Can't wait for Sariel or Brick Experiment Channel to do stuff with these.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Would be great for a Lego or a Minecraft themed build
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lazy gamer & woodworker
I would definitely buy some of these for that Lego nostalgia. Glad to see some manufacturers going outside the "l337 gamer" aesthetic.
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You can get Galax/KFA2 outside of China.. they are available in EU and US aswell, but quite rare in general.
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Lew Zealand
Rhein7Kinda like Tetris? Looks cool tbh.
Agreed, the sides show Tetris shapes, not particularly Lego-like.

But if I can snap black Legos on the top to block the RGB, then +1 to Galax for making the design functional.
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this should come with a click on fan as well
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These would be perfect for that dude that built a lego case.
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robot zombie
People do call pc building "legos for adults" still, right?

So lets go. Lego chokes. Lego caps. Lego heatsinks, lego pcie, lego shrouds...
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Ill Buy i, just for fun :love:
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BorisDGYou can get Galax/KFA2 outside of China.. they are available in EU and US aswell, but quite rare in general.
Palit is not rare, if I remember right. Galax is for USA. Palit/Gainward for EU.

Under the palit is kfa2, gainward, galax and of course palit gpu's and other stuff.
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that's the ugliest thing i've ever seen... gimme 4
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This is like perfect for my friend that likes PC and LEGO.
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TiggerI would deffo have these in my rig
I have to agree, these are awesome lol
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This gives new meaning to "building a PC".
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You guys buy RAM for their aesthetics or performance/price ? Those lego toys are no faster than DDR4 @ 2400Mhz ... :laugh: :ohwell:
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