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ADATA Industrial Firmware for 112-Layer PCIe SSDs is UNH-IOL NVMe 1.4 Certified

ADATA Technology (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 3260.TWO), a global leading brand of industrial-grade memory, including flash storage products and DRAM modules, today announces that its in-house developed firmware for 112-Layer (BiCS5) 3D NAND PCIe solid state drives has become University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) NVMe 1.4 certified. The certification reaffirms ADATA's core competencies in R&D and commitment to offering high performance SSDs. UNH-IOL is an independent test facility that provides interoperability and standards conformance testing for networking, telecommunications, data storage, and consumer technology products.

The IM2P32A8 M.2 2280 and IM2P32A4 M.2 2242 industrial-grade solid state drives will benefit from the newly certified firmware. What's more, both SSDs feature 112-layer 3D TLC Flash memory developed by WD and KIOXIA, supports the PCIe Gen3x4 interface, and provides large capacities of up to 2 TB. With ADATA's firmware, they provide improved performance and interoperability. In addition to processing large volumes of data, the SSDs can also serve as storage devices or a boot disk, which can fulfill the needs of applications such as 5G, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart cities, and telemedicine.
ADATA's proprietary firmware offers the following benefits and features:
  • It is ideal for the latest 112-layer 3D TLC solid state drives and supports the PCIe interface;
  • Supports RAID for data back up at any time, effectively improving transfer rates and data integrity;
  • Full storage capacity with no over-provisioning can be achieved to extend the lifespan of SSDs;
  • Products with lower capacities can be easily manufactured according to customer needs;
  • Optimization of the Garbage Collection algorithm can maintain long-term stability;
  • Supports Full Drive SLC mode for improved P/E cycle ratings and read and write performance
As the world enters the post-epidemic era in 2022, the "zero-contact economy" has become a key trend for industrial sectors, and will drive the development of 5G, AI, high-performance computing, and AIoT. Therefore, storage products created with the most advanced manufacturing processes will become common place in the market. In response to customers' upgrade needs, Wayne Lin, Manager of ADATA's Industrial Application Product Management Department, emphasized that: "with the joint effort of our software, hardware and firmware R&D teams, ADATA not only continues to develop products with new specifications, but also integrates various software/firmware technologies to provide reliable and high performance industrial-grade." solutions.

Currently, ADATA offers a number of value-added software tools including A+ SSDTool, A+ SLC, A+ Security, and others. Through the integration of software and hardware, ADATA seeks to provide customers with the durability and stability they require for the advancement of 5G and AIoT development.
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