Wednesday, November 12th 2008

ASUS Lists AM3 CPU-supportive AM2 and AM2+ Motherboards

ASUS has published a partial list of motherboards that support the upcoming AM3 socket processors.

Featured in the lists are most motherboards based on the AMD 7-series chipsets, along with those based on GeForce 8 and 7-series chipsets by NVIDIA.

Press release follows:

ASUS, worldwide leader of motherboard production, has once again kept up with leading trends and technologies with the announcement to release a wide range of high-performance motherboards that will take advantage of the most high-end and upcoming AMD AM3 CPUs. This new generation of AMD CPUs will encompass the 45nm infrastructure; and will be equipped with C1E halt states for advanced power savings. The most distinguishing feature of the AM3 CPUs is the fact that they will support DDR3 RAM. In order to meet user demands for top-of-the-line CPUs that deliver advanced performance, the ASUS M3/M2 Series motherboards will offer the most completed product lines to fully support the upcoming AM3 CPUs.

AM3 CPU Ready Motherboards
The list below shows the ASUS motherboards that are currently AM3 CPU-ready. For users who have already purchased the M3 or M2 Series motherboards, a simple BIOS update is all that is needed to support future AM3 CPUs. The following list will be continuously updated and more AM3 CPU-ready ASUS motherboards are expected to be announced soon.Source: ASUS
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52 Comments on ASUS Lists AM3 CPU-supportive AM2 and AM2+ Motherboards

yeah, its because asus wants to only support newer boards and everybody wants 700/750 now, pretty common of them REALLY , nothing suprising to me really, asus sucks on amd stuff :(
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FudFighter said:
yeah i said that didnt i? about power limmits?

in this case the new chips use LESS power then the current ones so thats not an issue.
ah, but what if those boards cant go low enough? what if the silly boards put too much power into the memory controller or something like that, and the hardware isnt in place to lower it.

seriously, EVERYONE is speculating. no one knows if more will be unlocked, or other companies will even do the same thing - asus are the first people to say what boards of theirs will do AM3, who knows if its a complete list yet.
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